1. Zildjian71's Avatar
    According to this report, switching tasks i.e. multitasking requires a cost in brain power that dumbs you down!

    Who would've thought?

    Brain, Interrupted - Yahoo! Finance

    So what do you think?
    05-08-13 05:32 PM
  2. jasonmelling's Avatar
    Hey look at that, I read that today as well!

    So, multitasking between, say, writing work emails and checking facebook status would kill productivity, I agree.

    But multitasking on a Blackberry while trying to accomplish the one task of gathering information to send an email is different!

    I think the articles point is that while I am at work trying to complete a task, it is detrimental to my overall productivity to do something like write this reply to you
    05-08-13 07:03 PM

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