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    Last month was a rough time on my family. We had 2 family members seriously, and gravely injured on the same day - on 2 different sides of the planet. (Praise the Lord, both are still alive, and making a good recovery, but please read on)

    Without going into to much detail, my cousin was learning how to ride a longboard for use during college, she was barely moving fast at all and fell off, hitting her head on the sidewalk. She wasn't wearing a helmet due to not moving very fast. She suffered extreme trauma to her head causing a massive blood clot, in her brain, temporarily paralyzing her left side. Doctors were able to remove the clot after emergency brain surgery. I am thankful to report that she is doing much better and making great improvement in her therapy. She is almost back to her normal self, but still is having some issues with speaking - due to bruising to the speech part of her brain.

    In writing this post, I would really urge you all here to please wear a helmet when doing anything like riding a bike, skateboard, motorcycle and so on. I know that sometimes they look dumb - but I do not think you understand how much it hurts to see a loved one suffer from brain damage due to not wearing a helmet. Parents, it is one of the best things you can buy for your children to use during activities such as those mentioned above. It may seem like something not necessary at times, when riding slow or just around the driveway ect. but you never know when something may happen. My cousin was not going fast, and was not very far off the ground but having landed just right, nearly cost her her life.

    Thanks for listening - I appreciate the CB Family and because of that - I thought I would post this.

    09-07-10 12:47 AM
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    The simplest advice is usually the best. Thanks nathan

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    09-07-10 12:51 AM
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    As an avid longboarder who's too stupid to wear a helmet, I actually agree with you. My brother's best friend screwed himself up pretty bad on a longboard a few weeks ago (fractured his skull among many other things), and would've been much better off if he'd been wearing one.
    Hope your family gets better.
    09-07-10 06:18 PM
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    Glad to hear things didn't turn out worse.

    I've recently started cycling again, and have been thinking of getting a helmet (first one ever).
    09-07-10 06:49 PM
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    Glad to hear she is okay.. And you're right, it isn't fun to see that happen to a loved one.

    On a lighter note, this is the reason I don't longboard.. I ride the shorter one in the bowls..

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    09-07-10 06:58 PM
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    Thanks for sharing !!
    11-06-10 11:11 PM