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    Oh someone is firing canons at Queens Park. Hope no trees are harm in the process. It's good that lepregnome is on holiday. Otherwise come tomorrow we'll have to plant a whole bunch of trees.
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    07-01-14 11:08 AM
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    Spoiler Alert!!! 24 recap for this week. Stop reading if you have not see it.
    So the CIA chief turn rogue running away with apparently not just a drone control device but a whole slew of other devices as well. Yes Apple, Samsung, HTC you name it. But not BlackBerry . Seems like the new villain got an offer from China for that device. I knew it! That's why the Canadian government rejected the sales of BlackBerry to Lenovo. Damn sneaky Chinese government!

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    07-01-14 02:06 PM
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    Well that didn't take long. Useless CIA chief got betrayed when no car show up to take him to the airport. Poor guy got captured wonder what kind of treatment he's going to get from Jack. Cue Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.

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    07-01-14 02:10 PM
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    You have such a great look at things, keep it up.

    And your name should be rambi

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    07-01-14 02:11 PM
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    07-01-14 02:14 PM
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    Damn useless president and his aides. Country is in trouble when you rely on a rogue ex agent of CTU . Seriously Jack I'm a bit disappointed with your interrogation method. Try the family jewels next time! No immunity needed. This tribe has spoken!!

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    07-01-14 02:20 PM
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    Tie the red wire to the plug.........cut the blue wire...........keep talking kat...........set the timer for 3mins...........make sure the kats still their.........mmmmmmmmmmm yes he's still slobberin around.........press the start button and RUN...........sorry quietly run.................find a safe place over 300yrds away and watch the Kat get a free flying lesson..........oh yes..........
    07-01-14 02:25 PM
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    On other part of the story, the president son in law - chief of staff got a hard on for Jack because his wife, the first daughter had a past with Jack and he is not okay with it! Despite he dress nicer and smell better. So he's like under pressure from the Putin government to surrender Jack to them. Something about Jack slaughtered some of Putin boyfriends who use to bareback horse riding buddies back in the days. See that's why Putin was staging the whole winter Olympics. While he was flashing the big no Gays no Gays sign to the world. He secretly funded the pussies riot trying to locate Jack to bring him to justice. But I digress.

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    07-01-14 02:31 PM
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    So folks bear with me....im recapping this live.....like I'm alive but I'm like watching now as I recap this show.....

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    07-01-14 02:32 PM
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    So folks bear with me....im recapping this live.....like I'm alive but I'm like watching now as I recap this show.....

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    07-01-14 02:34 PM
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    So this chief of staff weasel of a man giving up info to Putin henchman. Just like Jack, it didn't take Chloe long to rebel. I tell you these two kids should get married already... ..but wait Kate the pizz off agent is another contender. She and Jack play the good cop bad cop on that traitor chief and manage to extract the tracer code on that WMD. Weapon of messy messy distractions.....

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    07-01-14 02:39 PM
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    So like Jack and Jill has a personal moment in the car......holy be jeezless!!!!!!!

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    07-01-14 02:42 PM
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    Next hanzle and grettle pay Steven segal to play an ex cia agent who defected from the Russian taxi company to pop the wicked witch and the teddy drives the fiat 500 getaway car...........stay tuned.....
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    07-01-14 02:51 PM
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    So Chloe and her James wood boyfriend walk into their secret hiding place, all hell broke lose. His entire cast of Les Miserable were slaughtered. Cue Susan Boyle singing I Dream A Dream....no not you Anne Hathaway!! not you either wolf man!! This is UK at least let her have a second ran on the fame....

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    07-01-14 02:53 PM
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    So I have to apologize for the pause. ..see this is 24 fill with plot holes. So I did not expect I need to do research trying to catch up past seasons characters. And Chloe just rattled a name to quick for me to recognize....something to do with the season where Jack was kidnap by the Chinese. So I was googling like crazy still to no avail. As far as I know it was president Logan that give him up....anyway, we'll see if this earlier traitor will pop up later in the next hours.....

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    07-01-14 02:57 PM
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    The wicked witch discovers the plot and drugs the teddy bears weetabix and then takes one of the wheels of the fiat 500. Stephen segal whacked the postman and stole his bike to get to the witches house but the witches KAT a loonatic kat had relocated her to a trailer park in yellowstone forest. (forgive me I'm english). The bears were paid by the Kat to lay in wait for the assassination attempt and dug lots of holes and filled them with bumble bees.................stay tuned............
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    07-01-14 02:57 PM
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    When the teddy bear recovers from his stupor he drives of in the fiat 500 not noticing the missing wheel......(they drive the same anyway..crap). Not knowing the witch has relocated the bear goes to her ex house and tortures the new owners kat (I love that bit) who tells him about the trailer park...........stay tuned folks.........
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    07-01-14 03:03 PM
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    So all it takes was for Chinese agent/terrorist fire a shot at James wood legs for Chloe to comply whatever hacker thingy she need to do to let the Chinese regain control of the device. Regardless James Wood got killed. This last part of the show us getting too complicated, cause it's testing my memories of past season which I don't got any. So now the Chinese is taking over. Hmmmmm Jack and Jill were on their way to the Chinese while the Russian were on their way to kill Jack..could we have an epic battle between the Chinese and the Russian?

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    07-01-14 03:07 PM
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    On his way to the trailer park the teddy bear picks up a hitchhiker who looks very similar to lawrence of Arabia but without the camel. During the 6.5day drive the teddy bear discovers that his hitchhiker likes frank sinatra, owns a time watch, has 35cents, shops at Wallymart, hates kats (I like that bit as well), owns two dogs and a gorilla amount other numerous interesting facts. Just before they arrive at the witches house the teddy bear gets fed up and eats the hitchhiker.......stay tuned......
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    07-01-14 03:12 PM
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    So as Jack and Jill approach...so the Russian already waiting for them and ram into their car. While the Chinese took over the command center directing a US submarine to launch an attack on a Chinese ship. OK folks, there are different kind of Chinese, the terrorist Chinese and the ruling Chinese. At least in the world of 24. Now I just want some kung pow shrimp, general tsao chicken, hot and sour soup, Mar poh tofu to go with a bowl of white steamy rice. Cause I got a lot to digest here.

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    07-01-14 03:15 PM
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    A short interval will now take place to enable the ex cia Russian taxi driver assasin to recruit a new getaway driver as the teddy bear was arrested for eating the hitchhiker.............so far 33,853 persons have been interviewed for the position of getaway driver but all of them refused to drive the fiat 500......?
    07-01-14 03:21 PM
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    All prospective applicants for the getaway drivers job please note:

    Due to unforseen circumstances the three wheeledfiat 500 has been sold and has been replaced by a Citroen saxo. All applicants must be prepared to drive this wonderful example of motor engineering at its finest and all four wheels are on the car at the time this notice was posted..........stay tuned.......
    07-01-14 03:38 PM
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    Ok so the teddy bear and his new getaway driver have arrived back at the teddy bears house. The reason for this is that the new getaway driver is os African origin and can only speak swahili so they have obvious difficulty in giving and understanding directions. The teddy bear has a cup of tea and the getaway driver has two bottles of brandy before they set off for the witches house which is where they started off. Teddy bear has purchased a sat navigation system and employed an interpreter to set up the navigation system for him.......progress may be a little slow as they are in a Citroen saxo and the interpreter weighs 756llbs.
    07-01-14 03:54 PM
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    Whilst the teddy bear and the getaway driver and the very overweight interpreter travel very very slowly towards where they think the witches trailer is parked there will be a short interval.
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    07-01-14 04:09 PM
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    Cause I is goin shoppin see eh? But I is will be back eh?
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    07-01-14 04:10 PM
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