12-15-13 07:18 PM
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  1. vakk's Avatar
    That means you didn't call them the N word outta Anger

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    of course not..
    I'm not racist.. the few who do bad things don't mean all black are bad, that's ignorant.
    there's crazy and horrible people from all different walks of life.
    12-15-13 03:08 PM
  2. SubCamp's Avatar
    Best you can do is call the carrier and have them block the IMEI

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    12-15-13 04:02 PM
  3. Sargon123's Avatar
    that's not helpful at all..
    how would i deal with it myself i don't know where they live or who they are..
    what would you do in my shoes, if it happened to you?
    Get a gun n start riding

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    12-15-13 04:19 PM
  4. Bsbudd's Avatar
    If you would have looked at Craigslist Personal Safety Page this could have been avoided.

    When meeting someone for the first time, please remember to:
    craigslist | about > safety

    1. Insist on a public meeting place like a cafe.
    2. Do not meet in a secluded place, or invite strangers into your home.
    3. Be especially careful when buying/selling high value items.
    4. Tell a friend or family member where you're going.
    5. Take your cell phone along if you have one.
    6. Consider having a friend accompany you.
    7. Trust your instincts.

    As somebody has mentioned already. If you do have the IMEI number call the provider and they will enter it into a database. If you don't have the number I would call the provider anyway. I could be wrong but they should have this info on file. Case closed.
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    12-15-13 04:23 PM
  5. vakk's Avatar
    Best you can do is call the carrier and have them block the IMEI

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    Blocked the IMEI already.
    thanks man
    12-15-13 04:28 PM
  6. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    African American = Afro-American sir. I'm one

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    you quoted him as saying afro, which was incorrect,,, how you associate it, is your business & irrelevant,,, looking @ your posts, you seem to be putting gas on a fire that isn't there, imo...
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    12-15-13 05:41 PM
  7. VR6's Avatar
    Sounds like you deserved it signaling out the " prejudice " in your words

    You serious?

    Fired from my Z10
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    12-15-13 07:18 PM
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