06-02-14 09:40 PM
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  1. swishhh's Avatar
    any link for this post you're talking about?
    That thread has been closed.

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    06-02-14 04:08 PM
  2. dustmalik's Avatar
    That thread has been closed.

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    If it isn't deleted, there should still be a link to it.

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    06-02-14 04:17 PM
  3. birdman_38's Avatar
    "What Happened to that Jubei Raziel guy?"
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    06-02-14 04:31 PM
  4. I am JT's Avatar
    I didn't think as highly of his writing as some did. They were long on his opinion and short on substance. Generally felt like I was reading a post in the forums when reading his articles. Not to say he wouldn't have grown into a good tech writer with time. Hope things work out for him but I won't miss his work here.

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    06-02-14 04:35 PM
  5. FairlightRacing's Avatar
    Good riddance. His first article on CB was plagiarized nearly word for word from a Globe and Mail story about BlackBerry's history. His other articles read like they were book report written the night before it had to be turned in to the teacher by a kid who didn't read a single page of the book; there was simply no substance to them.
    06-02-14 05:04 PM
  6. reeneebob's Avatar
    Lol...ain't THAT ironic? My first thought when he flounced was "gee I bet he flounces to N4BB".

    Meh. I'm sure they will be happy to post his photo spreads...I mean 'articles'.

    Until he flounces from there, too.

    Nothing about how he behaved impressed me. I'm sure that much is obvious. Lol
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    06-02-14 05:20 PM
  7. lawguyman's Avatar
    He was around like five minutes. Blink and you will miss something. No loss.

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    06-02-14 05:30 PM
  8. nick13b's Avatar
    N4bb is way better than crackberry. They actually report news.

    Posted via R115-Aramis.
    06-02-14 05:33 PM
  9. digitalman101's Avatar
    Guess what, you can enjoy cb and N4BB. You don't need to be CB exclusive, head to N4BB if you enjoy his writing.

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    06-02-14 05:37 PM
  10. andorejunior's Avatar
    His posts were weird
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    06-02-14 05:48 PM
  11. RIM99's Avatar
    I really liked Jubei, he brought a fresh take that was good fro Crakberry. I will follow him on N4BB. At least we are keeping him in the Blackberry family. Good Luck Jubei.
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    06-02-14 05:57 PM
  12. LamarStarr's Avatar
    I saw that too. Doesn't affect us, we have the greatest writers already at CB

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    Suck ups
    06-02-14 06:03 PM
  13. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    I wasn't keeping up to date with that thread. Didn't know he just left without saying goodbye. What a ******. I actually liked him. Not anymore..

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    06-02-14 06:05 PM
  14. blakobecwa's Avatar
    Hate to say it but CB has gone soft.

    I've been on this site for years, and it's gotten quite bland with articles and they don't even get leaks like they used to. It's mainly coming from outside...

    Really unfortunate. Don't blame him for leaving towards something on the rise.

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    06-02-14 06:42 PM
  15. Chelmsford's Avatar
    I heard him in an interview saying that CB didn't like his style and said they will call him with some content they'd like him to write about but never did. Essentially he was let go.

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    06-02-14 06:52 PM
  16. Mirk's Avatar
    To be quite honest, if I want to read a bunch of long winded opinion pieces on CrackBerry I want them to be written by Kevin Michaluk. Are you out there, did you hear that? I come here for Kevin's outlook and opinion on things, plain and simple. Everything else fills the void well waiting for Kevin's next big write up.
    06-02-14 07:08 PM
  17. Dave79's Avatar
    N4bb is way better than crackberry. They actually report news.
    They have so much more less article spamming (battery percentace how to for Z10, Q10, Z30, Q5 and finally also for Z3!) and many great news. I feel CrackBerry has a privileged relationship with BlackBerry and sign NDAs (or afraid to burn bridges) so they can report on stuff AFTER it's leaked somewhere else.
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    06-02-14 08:01 PM
  18. raino's Avatar
    N4bb is way better than crackberry. They actually report news.
    Mmmmm no. Throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks is not reporting. They have been wrong on so, so many occasions. At least twice about when 10.2.1 was coming to T-Mobile USA, for example.

    Plus their homepage was a cluster**** when I visited it once. Lesson learned.
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    06-02-14 08:06 PM
  19. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    Guess what, you can enjoy cb and N4BB. You don't need to be CB exclusive, head to N4BB if you enjoy his writing.
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    Are you sure about this? I heard it was frowned upon...
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    06-02-14 08:36 PM
  20. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Joining N4BB has been his play since May 22nd when he emailed them asking for a job, best of luck to him.
    06-02-14 08:37 PM
  21. Michelle Haag's Avatar

    06-02-14 08:39 PM
  22. grevan88's Avatar
    i am relieved to hear he is gone. he was a good writer i suppose, but it was all bs. kind of like essay style exams i wrote in university. just a cluster **** of eloquent writing that leaves the reader wondering what just happened once they finished the piece.. in school it did get me A's though...

    anyway, i couldnt be happier hearing about his departure from CB!
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    06-02-14 08:49 PM
  23. Lendo's Avatar
    I say good luck to him. Now let us never speak of this again. It's like beating a dead horse now.
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    06-02-14 09:40 PM
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