08-29-18 07:23 PM
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  1. AlKuqo's Avatar
    First thread ive subscribed to rotfl!!

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    I love this one

    Stay Classy CrackBerry Nation!
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    03-18-14 01:52 PM
  2. Omnitech's Avatar
    I think this would be a lot funnier if you haven't used Videophreak. A monospace font would look better?
    So I have one of the 2 posts or something that uses something other than the standard meme font, and I'm the only one who gets critiqued for that?

    I like it, personally.
    03-18-14 02:00 PM
  3. BBPandy's Avatar
    Haha love this thread

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    03-18-14 02:02 PM
  4. BCITMike's Avatar
    If I "liked" your meme, it's only because cb10 app doesn't have a "roflmfao" button. Thanks

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    03-18-14 02:04 PM
  5. DeeJayDanny_C's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-mockit_18032014160307.jpg

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    03-18-14 02:07 PM
  6. RyanGermann's Avatar
    Just one more and I have to get back to work.

    John Chen Memes-7lr17.jpg
    03-18-14 02:11 PM
  7. birdman_38's Avatar
    Here's one
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    03-18-14 02:12 PM
  8. f1mx's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-mymeme01.png

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    03-18-14 02:16 PM
  9. PALeafs67's Avatar
    Sorry guys i just couldnt resist havin too much fun with this okay okay enough is enough ha ha lol!!!

    John Chen Memes-jc-sulu.png
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    03-18-14 02:28 PM
  10. DeeJayDanny_C's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-bjcgr4dicaalwse.png

    There we go... having mobile issues for a moment
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    03-18-14 02:28 PM
  11. AngryEdmontonian's Avatar
    Two words about security.

    John Chen Memes-1395170590424.jpg

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    03-18-14 02:37 PM
  12. incognito312's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-5d8ba74c4719e4be184cb0ab9f615_h243_w430_m2_q80_cdhndngbc.png

    Z10 leaked
    03-18-14 03:07 PM
  13. D_Gui's Avatar
    In the last 24 hours this thread has grown tremendously. Thanks everyone, and keep them coming, I'm in need for some more good laughs!
    03-18-14 03:10 PM
  14. pagozahd's Avatar

    John Chen Memes-tim-cook-iphone-5.jpg
    03-18-14 03:14 PM
  15. incognito312's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-7lsug.jpg

    Z10 leaked
    03-18-14 03:16 PM
  16. pagozahd's Avatar
    another one

    John Chen Memes-chen-blackberry.jpg
    03-18-14 03:22 PM
  17. J Quimson's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-2014-03-18-13.32.23.png

    What happens in Vegas...
    03-18-14 03:33 PM
  18. J Quimson's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-2014-03-18-13.36.36.png

    What happens in Vegas...
    03-18-14 03:37 PM
  19. BlueStreak67's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-2014-03-18-17.10.13.png

    A dish best served cold!
    Last edited by BlueStreak67; 03-18-14 at 04:15 PM.
    03-18-14 03:46 PM
  20. angieberry10's Avatar
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    Posted via CB10
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    03-18-14 03:47 PM
  21. epark88's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-mockit_18032014164831.jpg

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    03-18-14 03:51 PM
  22. alternator77's Avatar
    John Chen Memes-mockit_18032014165042.jpg

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    03-18-14 03:52 PM
  23. RyanGermann's Avatar
    Sorry guys i just couldnt resist havin too much fun with this okay okay enough is enough ha ha lol!!!

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    Yes, but then you're treading into the realm "culturally insensitivity", which some might go so far as to call racism, so... you might want to stay out of the ethnicity stuff for your own good. (Chen is Chinese, Takei is Japanese)... it would be like calling Simon Pegg and Gerard Depardieu "brothers" because they're both white... you know... because they're not...
    03-18-14 04:03 PM
  24. 3Dee's Avatar
    Hmm, this thread is good but isn't reaching it's full potential methinks.

    As a suggestion, how about some fellow meme lovers with a bit more technical know-how than me remix some Chen into some of our favourite much loved memes, like: Confession Bear John Chen, Doge John Chen, Aaaand it's gone John Chen etc etc - the possibilities are endless!

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    03-18-14 04:21 PM
  25. angieberry10's Avatar
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    Me too!

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    03-18-14 04:26 PM
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