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    WTF???? There are plenty of religious websites available on the internet where people can discuss nebulous religious rhetoric. Let's keep this website to what it is intented.........Blackberry discussions!
    07-25-08 05:28 PM
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    To C_Zilla-

    Yes I didn't realize I had a Personal Message until I logged into my work computer-

    I was out and about on my iPhone- and didn't notice the PM icon thing.

    Olive Branch accepted- Hope there are no harsh feelings

    And to noregrets-

    I am glad we can come to an agreement, and see eye to eye, and that you understood my posts. A good portion of my two original posts were not supposed to be taken at face value.

    But to be read into.

    To rk_bright-

    Since when did stating your opinions without beating around the bush become a measure of drawing attention?

    We go on forums to discuss and share ideas/opinions-

    Whatever they may be.

    I try and make my views as clear as possible- and as Frank as possible.

    For that, I can not apologize.

    And to the rest-

    It's mindless, and terribly ignorant to be one sided-

    The world would be a much better place if we were all able to put things into perspective- without losing our own perspectives.

    I think that would solve so many problems we face globally-

    And that's why we should be aware- and understanding of others beliefs- whether we agree or not.

    Being able to read/listen to other ideas subjectively without preconceived notions or biases allows you to make your own decisions clearly.
    Xxxxpradaxxxx none @ all. There's nothing wrong when Intelligent people,come together to discuss different views and philosophies as long as Its done with respect for the other.No one here Is trying to force anything on anyone.And from what I've read every single person on here has respect and taste.Were here to discuss Jesus,and I understand they'll be different opinions,and by no means think that person Is evil.So xxxxpradaxxxx,I'm glad we came to an understanding. Cause I respect you as a person

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    jesus is my homie
    He saves...and takes half damage.
    07-27-08 01:56 PM
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    I have been homeless about 5 years ago and sat in my apartment last year crying and thanking God for his blessings. I lost my job last December, and my rent stayed paid on time, I had lights, clean clothes, gas in my car, and food to eat. God is so good to me and sending his son to save a sinner like me, was an awesome gift. If you mess with me you mess with my Daddy and my Big Brother and you definitely don't want it with them! God's blessings for everyone and PLEASE keep my cousin Angie in your prayers, and thank God for the victory over cancer!


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