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    I'm new to home theatre... I originally had a Samsung HTIB system that a big box store salesman "threw in" the deal and it was the most awful thing I've ever heard. My friend who does professional home theatre installations recommended this system. I will review it for you guys for anyone who cares about home theatre I got $4 next day shipping with Amazon prime.. I know its not a HIGH end system but I'm a casual movie watcher But this got great reviews it seems..

    $369 on sale.. $599 regular price!

    Amazon.com - Home Audio/Video Onkyo HT-S5300 7.1 Receiver and Speaker Package with iPod Dock
    02-28-11 01:07 AM
  2. Evan_O's Avatar
    Hey that looks pretty legit man. I've got an okay Sony setup in my living room, but I've been lookin at something to put in the bedroom for a little while. For some reason I always use overseas brands for electronics and such. Had some bad RCA experiences back when Radio Shack was a "good buy" lol. Thanks for sharing.

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    02-28-11 06:39 PM
  3. jlb21's Avatar
    In my experience, HTiB systems can work just fine. Though they can be best in small cubic-foot rooms. Don't expect a ton of power and bass, but usually you can always supplement with a good sub.....
    03-01-11 09:43 AM
  4. therealeskimo's Avatar
    looks pretty sweet. i have been meaning to upgrade mine, will have a look how much this one is in my country
    03-06-11 01:55 PM