1. crayola_sky's Avatar
    It's been one year, and the memory and emotions are still fresh.
    One year ago today, my parents called me into the livingroom.
    I knew it was serious, you get the vibe right away.
    They said they recieved a phone call the night before.
    My wonderful cousin had been out with some friends the night before, and there had been an accident. The whole world started to spin..but i managed to spit out, 'is she okay' .
    the question didnt get answerd.. my dad continued with the story.
    and thigns started to get fuzzy.
    he said "she was shot, the two friends she was with were shot, and the bouncer outside the night club they were waiting for a taxi at...was shot"

    Everything stopped.
    Shot? shot? that dosent happen. not to people you know..not in canada..not to your family.

    all four victims survived.
    It changed the lives of not only them, but all their friends and family..everyone that was at the club...the shooter (who was caught) his family and friends.

    None of us will ever be the same.. but the girls and the bouncer have shown the strength and courage and grace throughout the last year. There have been trumendus ups and downs. But I stll thank god every day that the answer i feard for those few longest seconds of my life...the answer i feard did not come true.

    it's been a year... almost to the day. And there was a shooting in my home town.
    three people were shot. only two survived.
    It hurts me to know that that boy..that that family..that those friends were not as lucky as my cousin..my family..and her friends were.

    People need to think about what the **** they're doing before they do somethign so stupid..over something so stupid that it wouldnt even matter the next day. The lives they change..the lives they end..the people they hurt.
    07-23-08 11:41 PM
  2. shylard's Avatar
    nothing you can really say to this one, but thank God your family is ok. I only wish the same could be said for the more recent incident.
    07-27-08 08:18 PM