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    Hi! I have an iPod touch 2G and am having a bit of a problem with the VNC server on my computer (and possibly the iPod). I am using TightVNC on the computer and Mocha VNC (paid version and lite version) on my iTouch. I can get into my computer from the iPod and see my screen and my mouse cursor and everything, but when I tap, a solid blue image of my cursor appears instead of selecting what I tapped. (screenshot attached) In TightVNC, I have every permission except Special Permissions (something like that, the only one it would not let me tick off) set to allow. Still nothing. I really want this to work. This problem is in both versions. If you know anything about fixing this, please let me know, either by PM or posting in this thread. Any and all help appreciated. Thank you for reading my rather lengthy post
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