1. anon(10213201)'s Avatar
    Hey Canadian here.. just have a question.. I been thru so many blackberry phones .. now I'm using iPhone and love it! however I do use BBM on my iPhone why are people still using BB? What's so good about them in your opinions just curious
    04-10-17 08:14 AM
  2. 93Aero's Avatar
    Any phone I use must have a pkb and BlackBerry has the best as well as emailing system.

    The OS is like no other I have experienced and I am better in tune with it than any of phone on the market.

    I can also Torrent on BlackBerry something I can't so on iphone.

    I can get pretty much any app I use on iphone on my BlackBerry and yes it may take a bit more effort but then again that's the tinkerer (sic) in me.

    I have iphone for two reason Facetime and RR3.

    Unless something has changed I can listen and watch what I want on BlackBerry even if it didn't come from BBW, wasn't the case the last I tried with iphone does what you watch and listen have to come from the iTunes or app store?

    And even though we have always had the HUB it's a thing of beauty you have to experience it.

     Passport SQW100-1/, Q10 SQN100-5/, Classic SQC100-4/ 
    04-10-17 02:57 PM
  3. iamci's Avatar
    Keyboard. If I didn't need a keyboard I would never put up with all the terrible phone launches.

    Posted via CB10
    04-10-17 11:35 PM
  4. xandros9's Avatar
    Personal preference. For context, I have an Android BlackBerry and haven't held an older model in years.

    While I like BB10 very much, it doesn't meet my needs anymore, much like my relationship with webOS and Windows Phone.

    The Priv was one of the few recent devices to have all that I was looking for (OIS, Qi...) and the BlackBerry security additions, keyboard, and software tweaks were the icing on the cake.

    I just prefer it over an iPhone because while an iPhone does about 90% of what I want to do on a phone, and does that 90% very well, I wanted a device that was more flexible and could be tweaked to my liking, which led me to the Android camp, which is largely the only other game in town.

    Quick, reliable security updates, BlackBerry's suite of productivity apps as well as their OS touches like the Productivity tab, and reasonably nice hardware have made for a good place to settle down for now.

    The phone's a bit big and I would it rather it be easier to find parts if necessary, but what's a bit of compromise today? Especially if you're as picky as I am.
    04-11-17 04:48 AM

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