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    Not joking. This is absolutely hilarious: iPhone users would give up shoes and sex for their beloved phones - Tech Talk - CBS News
    (and somewhat sad).

    For those who don't want to leave this page:
    (CBS/CNET) - We've all heard such tales... Man or woman loses his or her iPhone. Man or woman loses his or her mind. Imagine you met this fate? What if you leave your iPhone at a store only to return to find nothing? Heck, leaving your iPhone at home for the day - though you know you'd eventually be reunited after a few hours - can resemble a nightmare of epic proportions.

    iPhone users can't help but be attached. It provides directions, diversions, even comfort.

    It's no wonder a new survey finds that iPhone users would gladly trade shoes and sex for their phones.

    "The risk of stepping on a rusty nail and contracting tetanus is nothing like the horror of spending a full week without an iPhone," reports CNET, in fact. You're so right, CNET. We know what you mean.

    The national survey conducted by TeleNav found that 40 percent of iPhone users questioned said they would rather go shoeless for a week than give up their beloved smartphones.

    In the online "would you rather" assessment of sorts, 514 American smartphone owners were also asked who would make a better romantic partner. The result: 83 percent of iPhone users would rather be romantically involved with fellow iPhone users. As it turns out, holders of flip phones and those mobile devices sans touchscreens, you are being judged! (Sorry.)

    As far as sex goes, one-third of survey respondents would be more willing to give up sex for a week than their phones. (Perhaps they should've also asked how many would give sex for iPhones. Just saying.)

    CNET reminds that provider of consumer location-based services TeleNav "has a vested interest in keeping us attached to our phones, particularly smartphones, at all times. But we still appreciate them pointing out how rude and dirty that attachment is making us."
    I dunno about you all, I love my BlackBerry, but I'd sooner give it up for a week.
    Here's the link for the study itself: http://www.telenav.com/about/pr-summ...-20110803.html
    08-04-11 03:34 PM
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    08-04-11 03:49 PM
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    Don't know where there from. But I would put my phone down anyday for sex. Wish other can say the same.

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    08-05-11 08:14 PM
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    Yeah, I'd choose some lovins' anyday of the week....

    ...then of course I'd pick it right back up afterwards.
    08-06-11 02:07 PM