05-08-11 12:43 PM
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    The Blackroid bold?Blackroid torch?lol

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    05-07-11 10:49 PM
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    In my Opinion RIM needs to Create MORE phone models.

    I want to See RIM build
    3 Candy Bar models Each on a 24 month upgrade cycle
    2 Flip Models, 24 month upgrade cycle
    2 FULL touch screen models, 18 & 24 month upgrade cycle. (premium/low end)
    2 Slider models Each on a 24 month upgrade cycle
    1 ultra small line (pearl) on a 12 month upgrade cycle
    in addition to this having 3 tablets.

    Basically RIM would be launching a new Product every 2 Months, always something fresh to play with, but not directly competing against themselves, you'd know RIM had something new coming every 2 years for your favourite model so you'd sign the 2 year contracts which would make carriers happy.
    The people who always want something new and like trying different things get to try something new all the time, and for RIM really they can keep the same purchased hardware for 12-18 months of production, across all the lines as it is mostly form factors that will differ.
    In all fairness, I would like to disagree. The points you make are very good, and will come across nicely, but I think RIM needs to really start catering well to the tablet market before people start making assumptions that they're going to fail because of their tablet (which let's face it they're not, but it'd be nice to shut up those constantly predicting RIM's demise right)

    Here is how I would want RIM to act on this, giving them plenty of phones, and really going to the tablet market:
    1 Full Touch-screen (High-end, cap. with SurePress) - 24mth UPG Cycle
    1 Vertical Slider (With cap. touch-screen and keyboard) - 24mth UPG Cycle
    1 Candy bar touch-screen with keypad - 12mth UPG Cycle
    1 Flip with alphanumeric keyboard (low-end) - 24mth UPG Cycle
    2 Curve-like keyboard phones (mid- & low-end) - alternating 24mth UPG Cycle
    12 tablets. (7" WiFi, and WiFi+3/4G, 32/64/128GB - 12.5" WiFi, and WiFi+3/4G, 32/64/128GB)

    The tablet market is about to go ballistic, this gives RIM a chance to seize it and be a marker for both ends.
    05-08-11 06:56 AM
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    mishmash of weird thoughts.
    amen to that. I don't quite understand this. Sounds like someone forgot to take their medicine. . I mean that in a funny way too not to be mean. I just don't understand what the rambling is.
    05-08-11 12:43 PM
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