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    Hi there.

    I recently had an interview regarding the Southeastern Railway as station staff. I know substantial amounts about the company, what they do, what services they provide, gave a lot of information about customer service, what I did at my previous jobs etc. H*ll, if that's not enough, I even know people on the inside and had two full weeks of work experience in the Southeastern Train Planning office where I worked my a** off. I got a letter two days later from their HR saying that I was not successful in getting the job. I'm just wondering, how would these people who know less than me, get a job over me? I am a very hard working person. My father said that it was probably rigged; that they had already chosen to employ certain people, but went along with carrying out the rest of the interviews to make it look fair. Less than 24 hours before I received my letter, interviews were still being held for the same job places. This does sound sceptical as my letter was sent 2nd class. How would they go through all of the applicant's results on one day, and then send out a letter in less than 22 hours which had a 2nd class stamp?

    Maybe I was unsuccessful, but I sure do know I have more passion for that company than anyone else.

    Anyone have any other contributive thoughts?


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