1. Ottojr's Avatar
    Click on link below:

    Cannes Film Festival on MSN Movies

    I will reserve my comment until after I have seen it.

    A great week to all.


    05-18-08 08:39 PM
  2. Myself's Avatar
    Part of me is excited for this movie, and part of me doesn't care that much. I always enjoyed the original movies, but I never thought they were the greatest by any means. I think this will be entertaining at the very least, and I will definitely go to see this when it's released. The only movie I'm that excited about is The Dark Knight. I'm anxious to see which movie will be the bigger blockbuster this summer though. This stands a fighting chance.
    05-18-08 08:45 PM
  3. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    I am not entirely surprised that this movie isn't quite working. I have hopes for it, because it was bigtime when i was a kid. It is sounding more and more that it is going to be wack though.
    05-18-08 10:11 PM