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    I am a part of so many forums and communities, I have never felt so dependent on one as i have with CB! So i cannot just take off without a long winded goodbye.

    It all started way back when the Storm was rumored. BOY did that drive me effing crazy! For like a year, every rumor, every announcement, every detective on here seeking confirmations, every source, and on and on ... it became a part of me! It also ruined me to a point, because since the Storm1 i cannot ever get involved in VZW rumors again, they drive their customers crazy with anticipation and it gave me high blood-pressure almost lol.

    So the Storm1 was my first ever Smartphone! Then the Storm1 replacements were my second, third, and fourth Smartphones! (LOL!). Everybody here is so helpful, even the arrogant posts are helpful to some degree.

    From the Storm1 I went to the 8330 Curve, which i was in love with, but as everyone knows even years ago it was outdated. Stable as heck, more reliable than any other phone i've had, but had too many quirks for me

    I tried to upgrade it to a Hybrid 5.0 which still had its issues, apps werent all working, and a few other things like SLOWWWW data speeds (i've narrowed this down to be a RIM issue). But I had to move on.

    So right now im holding a Motorola Droid, but i have decided to order an Incredible within my 30 day window so who knows what ill actually end up with. Unfortunately i think i have to stay away from RIM if for any reason, just because the data speed is so terrible in my area. My friends on BB's have same issue.

    My HONEST opinion (in case anyone wants it), the Droid blew me away with its capabilities. BUT dont think this will get you away from the quirks and bugs! These phones have insane battery issues (some ppl report as low as 4 hours of IDLE use if in an area with low service), today i took a pic and it didnt show up in my Gallery, i then found out sometimes i have to reboot the phone for the Gallery to update (wtf?), and the most annoying is that the phone is nearly useless in direct sunlight. I literally cannot see a single thing, so i cant use the phone for anything. SOOOO this side of the fence has its shares of bugs also.

    To be honest, the Blackberry handles a few things SO much better than the Droid, its unreal how far ahead of their times BB is, and they dont get much recognition for it! The email handling, the settings, etc.

    Anyhow, sorry to have wasted room on the forum. I cannot leave, even still i find myself coming back here to read or post hehe. Ill pop in and contribute when/where i can so please do not disable my account.
    06-02-10 04:13 PM
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    Enjoy your droid / incredible...

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    06-02-10 04:43 PM
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    Good read. Let us know your thoughts on the incredible.

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    06-03-10 01:26 AM