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    heyy... now i just want to know what one everyone likes best... just vote 1 2 3 4 or 5. thanks!


    heyy all...
    okay, im not good at making graphics online, but i need some help.
    im making some custom guitar picks... one black and one camo with white font.
    but thats beside the point, i need help making the image for the guitar pick. i have the template attached. if anyone gives this a try, just leave the template white, and use black to create the image.

    I want the pick to say "Lucky Guitar Pick" with eather a horseshoe or a star (a 5 point star, just a regular star) on it. (or a horseshoe with a star in the middle) and if there is any room at all then "XIII" (13 in roman numberals) somewhere on it also, but not a focal point for the image.

    there are a few rules to follow though.
    it must just be black and white, white background and black font (that will chance once its made though) and no shading.
    the template can not be altered...and the image must stay on the template, it can not run off of the template.
    if you have room to add the XIII it cant be tiny... none of the writing can be tiny, becuase it wont show up.
    i dont want the writing to be like gangster writing, sorry. ill add a few samples too.
    must be saved as .jpeg, .bmp, or .gif and if neccessary a .tiff

    now i really doubt anyone is actually going to help me with this and do it, but i figured i would try... if anyone does help, the design i pick ill send them a few picks too.


    p.s. PIN me with any questions, at any time. i may not answer if its past 1 am, but ill write back when i can. also, post here, and pin me any designs you have please! thanks.

    p.s.s. the samples im adding arnt exactly the ideas im looking for, its just so you can get some idea of what im talking about. thanks.
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    02-19-09 11:40 AM
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    Dude there are threads on graphic designers gathering. Go look for them. Good luck!

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    02-19-09 05:59 PM
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    Ill have to look for that, sorry

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    02-19-09 08:50 PM
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    i looked for somewhere else to post this but didnt find anything. noone here wants to give it a try?
    02-20-09 02:02 PM
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    When do u need them by? Cause I have a friend looking to try it out

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    02-23-09 01:06 PM
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    No real hurry, the faster the better though. But when does he want to try?

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    02-23-09 02:57 PM
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    any form of payment envolved if so ill take a crack at it.
    02-23-09 05:11 PM
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    No, sorry wish there was. Someones giving me a really good deal on these...no money involved sorry, just a few free picks.

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    02-23-09 05:16 PM