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    Hey guys, first post here...
    Its a little biased I guess, but would love to hear you guys shout out what's wrong and like to hear some discussion
    I'm a die hard blackberry fan, so ill see if I can make any points about iphone

    Lets start this article with a flashback to 2007. We met the iPhone. The greatest, newest, shiniest item to enter the market. It blew android and blackberry back to their humble starts. Why? There was INNOVATION.

    Lets now skip ahead, 5 years later and see what has happened. Weve seen 6 OS updates, 6 new phones, a new Apple CEO, Apple father Steves demise and a whole lot more.
    The iPhone five (as most are aware of) was released to the hands of the public in early September. As always, it was no surprise to see the phone selling millions in the first few days
    However, wait, slow down a second. 5 million in the first few days. Amazing right? Well, thats a big start but weve got Q4 sales coming and we need to see em better than the 4S sales.
    The 4S sold around 37 MILLION
    Will we see iphone 5 dish out those stats? I think not. For investors to stay happy and the apple stock to be satisfied, apple NEEDS to make an improvement over their last devices. Can they? Yes. What are the chances? Not as great as it could be
    When the 4S came out, people switched to it and now, they are stuck on the same old 2 year contract while the 5 is out.
    Enough with the marketing aspect, lets get a little bit more practical.
    The iphones after the 4 are all mostly gimmicks (however some of the features I enjoy a lot on my ipad). Let me show you the change line, decide for yourself
    iPhone 4: 5MP camera, 720 HD video, new iOS 4 with tons of features, new shape, new body, new look, re-invented
    iPhone 4S:
    8MP camera, 1080 HD video, same shape, iOS 5 with 200 features (mostly for fun), and followed iphone 4 principles. Still, bearable, Siri (rarely any practical use), 4G
    iPhone 5:
    8MP camera, 1080 HD video, longer shape , chrome metal (wow, It looks nice, not what I was looking for.), iOS 6 (more features), better battery (finally omfg), 4G
    Rumored iPhone 5S
    Laser Keyboard (whattt??)
    More colors!!! ( Gimmick, no practical usage)
    Sleek Design (keeping it from IPhone 5, same design Yawwnnnm)
    Improved flash and zoom (yipeeee)

    So to sum it up, IPhone is old, needs to get on a pacemaker to survive.
    The pacemaker needs to consist of the following:
    A brand new OS, built from scratch, I cant take pages of apps nomore.
    stop keeping us in a birds cage!!! Free up the phones man
    Thats really it,
    I really hope you people agree with me the fact that putting a bow on something and packing it isnt good.
    You need to put the wrapping paper too!
    So without that wrapping paper, apple cant succeed.
    I know I will be screwed for writing anti-apple stuff on iMore but anti stuff helps and improves. And I just wanted to see you guys perspective, please no trollings and no abusive stuff, I've seen too much on crackberry.
    What are YOUR thoughts?

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    12-12-12 12:28 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    So you deliberately went to iMore to post that? lol. If anything, they're gonna laugh at you for believing those bunked up rumors from Peter Misek.
    12-12-12 12:37 PM
  3. simu31's Avatar
    I don't think that anyone can deny that the OS on the iPhone is reaching (if it's not there already) the limitations of what is essentially an app launcher.

    Don't get me wrong, it did revolutionise the smartphone market. It has brought more Mr Anybody's to the smartphone market than could have been expected before it launched. It is a great, any age from 7 to 70, phone...

    But questions should (and need to) be asked (if they haven't already been asked), by Apple's upper management about the real next step.

    As you mentionned (although maybe not using the same terms), Apple - a company who's marketeers would argue - is supposed to be an innovator [Think Different]... but the recent incarnations of the iPhone have been anything but innovative.
    "Yay, bigger screen"... yeah, just look at pretty much ANY Android phone and it's still pretty small.
    "Retina display"... marketing gimick. The S3 has better resolution as will the BB10 L Series and many others.
    "1 000 000 apps"... yeah, but over 40% have NEVER been downloaded - I'm not going to get into the multiple versions of Solitaire discussion here.

    The point being, the greatest benefit of iPhone was the absolutely AMAZING marketing (don't get me wrong, they did bring something to the table, but the marketing is what made people believe that it was the greatest and that is what they needed), unfortunately, now people are seeing things other than just the superior marketing. I meet A LOT of people, and I've noticed recently a definate change in many about the benefits of the iPhone. People are starting to turning their backs, looking for a device which actually brings real innovation to the table again.

    I'm by no means saying Apple or the iPhone are dead. They're not. It's not. It won't be for a very long time (and that's only if they continue on their current path of screwing over the general public with pathetic excuses for improvements - many of which have been in other devices for ages). And we should hope that it doesn't die either as competition is what pushes real innovation.

    Yes, Apple needs to actually innovate again. If they don't, they'll be starting down a path which RIM knows all too well.

    12-12-12 01:04 PM
  4. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    Negativity is bad, no matter what side its on. Let the iMore people enjoy their phones, and not stir up any conflicts with them.
    12-12-12 02:30 PM
  5. ichat's Avatar
    It got deleted, it was just my payback for the trolls they've done here at crackberry.

    Still, no negativity intended, just sharing viewpoints.

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    12-22-12 10:02 AM
  6. phonejunky's Avatar
    Android wasn't even around then.
    12-26-12 04:53 PM
  7. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    Let us here at CrackBerry keep the higher ground. Besides when BB10 hits it will cause others to step it up. Competition is good for the consumer. Without Apple Rim may have never purchased Qnx and BlackBerry10 would have been fantasy. I also do not believe in a best device, whatever works best for you is the best device. All the "well my phone has this and your phone can't do that" is pointless.

    BlackBerry works for what I need. I am a master of my device. It does what I need it to do and does it well. I'm sure Apple and Android users feel the same way.
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    12-26-12 05:22 PM

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