06-23-08 02:19 PM
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  1. Kronk's Avatar
    Ladies and gentlemen, meet tomorrow's leaders...
    06-23-08 04:47 AM
  2. broooke's Avatar
    Ladies and gentlemen, meet tomorrow's leaders...
    LMAO!!!! Sad, but true.
    06-23-08 04:51 AM
  3. killthischorus's Avatar
    Sidekick???? How old are you???

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    lol...good question. i used to have a SK3, and i loved it at the time.

    at the time i was in my senior year of high school. and everyone, i mean everyone around that age group had/has a SK now. it annoys the f_ck outta me cause they think they're just so cool. but they're obviously not.

    i yelled at my bf right after i got my BB (about a month ago) to upgrade from his SK3 onto a BB....he's now sporting a sexy 8320 just like me .

    but as far as function goes, the SK sucked *** as far as reception. i'd be out in broad daylight where everyone else on Tmobile had great reception, but i was still waiting for that damn "G" to form on the upper right part of the screen. and as some of you have already said, the limited ringtones thing was a ***** too. now i can download/make ringtones from whererever i want. i don't know why it took me so long to get on the BB band wagon.
    06-23-08 12:46 PM
  4. TampaDude's Avatar
    Does the Sidekick have GPS??? If not, then forget it...
    06-23-08 02:19 PM
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