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    Via BBC: Internet trolls face longer sentences

    BBC News - Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws

    I always thought a "troll" was someone who purposefully made comments in a discussion they know will annoy others, just to derail a conversation or taunt others into doing so. Just because he or she enjoys watching a thread spiral out of control thanks to their doing. Wielding weapons like sarcasm and ignorance. Annoying, but mostly harmless.
    But this article talks about death threats, rape threats or other threats of physical harm; how exactly is that "trolling"? Is there no distinction between an 'innocent' troll and a frikkin' cyber hooligan/criminal anymore?
    Or was there never a distinction to begin with?

    Semi-serious question, when I read that article I got the impression the legislators quoted didn't have a clue what they were talking about... To see "trolling" mentioned as something that deserves jail time just feels weird.

    Asking here because if there is any community that understands trolls it should be CB.

    Text below for convenience:
    Internet trolls could face up to two years in jail under new laws, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said.

    He told the Mail on Sunday quadrupling the current maximum six-month term showed his determination to "take a stand against a baying cyber-mob".

    The plan has been announced days after TV presenter Chloe Madeley suffered online abuse, which Mr Grayling described as "crude and degrading".

    Magistrates could pass serious cases on to crown courts under the new measures.

    Social media 'venom'

    Mr Grayling told the newspaper: "These internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life.

    "No-one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media. That is why we are determined to quadruple the current six-month sentence."

    Miss Madeley received threats after defending her mother Judy Finnigan's comments on a rape committed by footballer Ched Evans, which she said was "non-violent" and did not cause "bodily harm".

    Richard Madeley has said "prosecution awaits" those who sent "sick rape threats" to his daughter.

    Chloe Madeley received threats from internet trolls last week
    The justice secretary said: "As the terrible case of Chloe Madeley showed last week, people are being abused online in the most crude and degrading fashion.

    "This is a law to combat cruelty - and marks our determination to take a stand against a baying cyber-mob.

    "We must send out a clear message: if you troll you risk being behind bars for two years."

    Miss Madeley told the Mail on Sunday she agreed with the new proposals to update the 10-year-old law.

    "It needs to be accepted that physical threats should not fall under the 'freedom of speech' umbrella," she said.

    "It should be seen as online terrorism and it should be illegal."

    Law change

    Dr Claire Hardaker, an expert in online aggression from Lancaster University, said proving the intent of a threat on the internet was difficult for police.

    "It's like your mum sending you a text saying 'I'm going to kill you' because maybe you forgot to bring something that she asked you to bring, versus somebody on the internet saying 'I'm going to kill you'," she said.

    "You have to know the intent of the two different people, and to know the intent of the stranger on the internet you've got to be able to read their mind.

    "Proving intent, proving that they really meant it, that they had the means to carry it out, it's very difficult."

    Those who subject others to sexually offensive, verbally abusive or threatening material online are currently prosecuted in magistrates' courts under the Malicious Communications Act, with a maximum prison sentence of six months.

    More serious cases could go to crown court under the proposals, where the maximum sentence would be extended.

    The law change is to be made as an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill going through Parliament.

    The new measures would also give police more time to collect enough evidence to enable successful prosecutions to be brought.

    Mr Grayling had announced earlier this month that the bill would also have an amendment dealing with so-called "revenge porn", with those posting such images on the internet facing two years in jail.
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  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    No no you are correct. The trolling are the COMMENTS people made on the internet in response to the rape or criminal act. At least that's how i read it.

    You are exactly correct. Trolling is what you described but now the reach is way past a board like CB and in the national media.
    10-19-14 04:36 PM
  3. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    You're both banned for using the T word. Please refer to community rules and guidelines.
    I thought I knew what trolling was, but now...-facebook-20140509-203124.png

    Passport'n stuff all day long.
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    10-19-14 06:24 PM
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    10-20-14 07:23 AM
  5. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Hmm, that's interesting. How can they prove that any one specific person typed the abusive language? Sure, you can trace a post down to an IP address and maybe even a hardware MAC address, but how could you prove beyond reasonable doubt which person's fingers pressed they keyboard? What if your computer gets hacked and impersonated? What if you pass out at the bar and someone picks up your phone and starts using it? What if your cat wants to put you in jail?

    Sounds like a terrible case of typical UK over legislation, proposed by a bunch of old guys that still have to wear wigs to work.

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    10-20-14 07:56 AM

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