02-14-09 07:31 AM
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  1. gbizzle's Avatar
    I had a moment of stupidity where I thought I didn't need a bb anymore and that I would be happier with a phone that wasn't a bb. Well I was wrong and after a month I am back and feeling more comfortable now. How dumb, its a phone but really this thing does it all.

    I got a new pin and am welcoming any new bb buddies that are in for the random conversation. New pin: 3191AFA1
    08-07-08 07:38 PM
  2. songbird's Avatar
    glad you learned from your mistake, just don't make it again!
    08-08-08 01:13 AM
  3. gbizzle's Avatar
    tell me about it. I don't know what I was thinking.
    08-08-08 01:48 AM
  4. mzshey2x's Avatar
    welcome back to the dark side.

    lol, at least you had the strength to give it up.. i doubt most of us could do that. i know i wouldn't make it through a day of work without my BB!
    08-08-08 07:37 AM
  5. uncheels23's Avatar
    welcome back to the crack
    08-08-08 07:41 AM
  6. sam123gil's Avatar
    Glad to see you return to your sences. I hope you have gotten over that little stage in your life. I couldn't live w/o my BB.
    08-08-08 07:41 AM
  7. 49ways's Avatar
    Glad you came back!

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    08-08-08 07:58 AM
  8. mding4gold's Avatar
    Well we won't need to put you in time out, seems like you were punished enough over the last month!! Welcome back.
    08-08-08 08:54 AM
  9. Username5300's Avatar
    Welcome back
    08-08-08 08:56 AM
  10. jferguson87's Avatar
    Welcome back!!
    08-08-08 09:39 AM
  11. linde's Avatar
    Welcome back! What were you thinking?? LOL
    I hope I never have a moment like that....a moment of complete insanity!!
    08-08-08 09:46 AM
  12. gbizzle's Avatar
    Thanks for letting me back in. I woke up this morning to the blinking red light, I have missed that....... ha ha.
    08-08-08 09:51 AM
  13. jidx's Avatar
    Great decision!!
    08-08-08 10:04 AM
  14. miss_michelle's Avatar
    Welcome back!!
    08-08-08 10:17 AM
  15. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Glad you came to your senses. lol
    08-08-08 10:18 AM
  16. mckaymike's Avatar
    Glad to have you back!
    08-12-08 01:38 PM
  17. mobiman's Avatar
    Dont we all make mistakes in our lives, glad it was a quick wake up call for you. WB
    08-12-08 01:44 PM
  18. sphynx's Avatar
    the blinking red light - classic!!!
    08-12-08 01:51 PM
  19. superaj's Avatar
    Welcome back!!!! Hopefully you will stay this time.
    08-12-08 02:00 PM
  20. Disturbed_Angel's Avatar
    I did the same thing, had a 8100, got rid of it in Feb, went through 2 diff phones, couldn't figure out what was missing, oh yeah, usefulness, and now I have a 8330.
    08-12-08 02:04 PM
  21. nmaguire001's Avatar
    i have a new 3g but still keep going back to my bb
    08-12-08 02:12 PM
  22. saechavarry's Avatar
    Welcome back to Crackberry.
    08-12-08 02:14 PM
  23. arcin220's Avatar
    Welcome back!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-12-08 02:21 PM
  24. benzworm's Avatar
    what phone did you switch to?
    08-12-08 03:53 PM
  25. swooley's Avatar
    Welcome back... lol Don't be a quitter! Love your berry... you must ask for the berry to forgive you for your month of insanity and neglect lol
    08-12-08 04:22 PM
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