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    On this forum there are many people that constantly bash the Blackberry. Some saying how badly they hate their current one and that they are going to switch if RIM does not meet their unrealistic demands. Some say that they switched to an Android/iPhone and that they couldn't be happier but they make it a commitment to stay on this forum and proclaim how much superior their device is that the BB and that the BB is crap and does nothing, while acting suspiciously like they are in denial. and some have switched and are mostly happy with their new device as it meets their needs, but they stay quiet so they are irrelevant to this thread.

    First, the ones that constantly bash the Blackberry that they own. Did you even do ANY research before buying it?? I took six months to become aquatinted with the Blackberry and to understand the pro's and cons of the Storm1. I understood it's limitations and pluses, but I never used rumours of BB5 to make a decision. Now I have one, and while it is agonizingly slow at times it meets my needs perfectly fine until my contract expires and i will get a new one (the S3 or S4) because I am familiar with this device and all of my major complaints have already been fixed in the S2. Some may have switched due to the promise of new features, but that's not a good idea as there usually will be setbacks. And for those of you that complain, RIM has never used the latest and greatest components but they have always put an emphasis on making the phone PRACTICAL. because how practical can say the Evo be with it's battery life? sure it has an awesome display and fast internet, but if you use a features a lot you have to lug another phone around in case the battery dies.

    And there are many of you that have switched to the next Latest and Greatest, yet you constantly post here saying how everything BB does is awful and that the company has to innovate (which by you definition is make a phone with better specs that the Evo or iP4) or it will die. That is just not true. RIM may not be innovating, but they are definitely adapting with the times. just look at the 9800 and BB6 in comparison to the 9700/9500 or BB5 and you will see my point. They are not being stagnant not are they starting from scratch every year, bu they are constantly refining and adding new features as time goes on. sure Froyo and iOS4 looks cool and may have a lot of awesome features, but BB6 has all the features that I need that BB5 does not, so I am content to wait for it to arrive. And one thing I notice is that those that constantly bash the BB are acting in a method that seems to imply that they are not perfectly happy with their current device but they refuse to admit that their current device is not perfect and so they attack and thought that says so. No device is perfect. The BB currently has a lousy browser, the iP couldn't multitask for the longest time, and the Android devices sometimes came with a skin that made it difficult to use. deal. BB6, iOS4 fixes their problems and Android 2.1 negates the need for a manufacturer UI.

    and then there are the few of you that have switched or use both devices and find that you are mostly happy with your setup and so have no need to bash the BB. They are not stuffing this site with almost identical treads about how one hates the BB and that it is the worst device ever. We will agree to disagree, and although we may never see eye to eye we do not give each other constant headaches.

    and one more thing: this is a rant, and most likely a useless rant if I'm correct in my assumption that the people that read this do not realize that this pertains to them or the fact that their constant bashing does nothing.

    that is all.
    06-22-10 04:36 PM
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    Techically yes, if they don't innovate they will die.

    Look at Palm.

    I have used all sorts of devices over the years, regardless of what I choose to use, I'm still here.

    This is a public forum, understand that.

    If you're happy with your storm, great.

    You act so confident in your device yet you are here-

    Venting- about people who try to detract from the glorious gloriousness of RIMs line up.

    One more thing, yes- your rant is useless.

    Because your block of text will not change anyones opinion or make anyone think twice about their trolling.

    PS- Why is this in CrackBerry Rehab?
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    06-22-10 04:46 PM
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    I would venture a guess the people doing the most complaining are not using they're BB's in they're profession. Movie's & game's are fine, but only if you have the time. I can't imagine managing multiple e-mail account's without my BB's.
    06-22-10 05:01 PM