1. tracksforhire's Avatar
    Well i guess this is the price i pay for living in a tropic paradise. Am in miami and we are preparing for what might be a hurricane here in florida. hopefully we dont loose power
    08-18-08 10:41 AM
  2. Dredlockeddiva's Avatar
    Hope all is well with u ch.10 just showed storm warning, but just in case I'm prepared-propane & charcoal for grills candles ice food and grey goose

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    08-18-08 11:09 AM
  3. jdux's Avatar
    This is so absurd, they closed schools in broward county county for 2 days. We are closing early and shutting down the building, it's not even raining!!!!!! We should always be prepared but boy they sure cry wolf down here! ok i feel better now.
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    08-18-08 11:29 AM
  4. groundhog_86's Avatar
    my good friend is in Florida and my brother just left Florida to go to school in Missouri. They lived in Lake Placid. He said they will hear tomorrow on the final verdict, if they have to evacuate, board up windows, and all that jazz. Hes more worried about his trash cans blowing away ;-)
    08-18-08 11:43 AM