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    Today, I found out that I love mine very much. I'll preference this by saying that I used to love the Motorola Razr. I thought it was the best cell phone ever. Then I got my Blackberry earlier this year. I swear, I love the thing. I'm always playing around with it so much that people at work are always asking, "what are you doing on that phone?" I just laugh because they don't understand the relationship.

    Here's how I've learned how much I love my Blackberry and I'd really miss it if I had to go without it too long. Last nite, I'm getting off the couch to get ready to go to bed. There's this cup of water on the floor right beneath me. I grab my phone, turn off the tv, and as i'm getting up, I hit my hand on something and I lost the grip on my Blackberry. All I heard was the sound of it landing in the cup of water. The funny thing is (i can laugh now) it didn't immediately register in my brain what i'd just done so there was at least a 5 second pause before the "oh ****" moment came. After realizing that my precious Blackberry was swimming in that ruthless cup of water, I snatched it out and started shaking it, taking the battery cover off, holding it upside down, taking out my sim card, etc. I frantically tried to save the life of my Blackberry. It continued to work for about a minute, then the backlight on the screen and keyboard started flickering. In the past, if I've had a cell submerged in water, it wouldn't work for a few days and then once it dried out, it would work. Not my Blackberry.

    I stood it up all night hoping the remaining liquid would drain out of the phone and she'd be good as new. In the meantime, I still have my Razr so I just put my SIM card in it just so i'd have a working phone (I disconnected my land line phone a few months back so my cell is all I have!). I went on to bed. This morning, I try to see if the Blackberry worked. It still had signs of life but the screen was now completely black but for some reason it would vibrate without stopping. So I check online to make sure I have insurance on my plan. I do have it. I just went ahead and filed a claim to have a replacement sent to me. I had to pay a freaking $90 deductible! YIKES! The claims process was painless other than the deductible and to my surprise, I'll have my replacement tomorrow! WOOT! Next day shipping. It did kinda suck that I had to pay for it though since I'll be replacing the current model when i'm due for my full upgrade in January. I'll just keep this one in good condition so I can sell it when the new Blackberry Javelin comes out early next year.

    On to work, it was there that I realized how much my Motorola Razr sucks. No email, no qwerty keyboard, no "real" internet. My texting to was cut down to a minimum. All I could do was look down at my Razr and think about how awesome my Blackberry is. When the G1 came out, I thought it was cool, considered picking one up. I've also considered switching carriers and getting an iPhone. I just realized today, I'm a Blackberry guy. RIM has definitely sold me over the last year. Now I sit and wait. Another day of work armed with only my Motorola Razr. I'm definitely not looking forwrd to work tomorrow.
    11-25-08 05:39 PM
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    I'm a single 25 year old bachelor. I like being single and just havin fun with chicks. I'm blunt about that. I am totally against marriage but if the situation of me really, really liking a girl happened and she became my GF it would be possible. But I thought about something as I read the title to this, if I could have a great GF and a great relationship but couldn't have a Blackberry (no matter what kind) I seriously would take the Blackberry over that. The way I see it is that at least if I have the Blackberry I can have a different variety of chicks. If I have one GF and can't have a single Blackberry, I wouldn't live right.
    12-02-08 03:05 PM