1. Sensesfail99's Avatar
    Well Im sure their is a lot of people out there who have way more then me, but I finally broke the 3500 mark on my ipod! I have 240 days of music, 3550 songs, 13.03 gigs! Im so stoked!!!!
    06-19-08 03:12 PM
  2. Mich321's Avatar
    Likewise, I am sure there's some who have more, but my 32Gb Creative Zen is now up to 3887 songs. Can't wait to hit the 4k mark!
    06-19-08 04:44 PM
  3. locciola17's Avatar
    Nothing on my berry but about a 1000 on my ipod. I love that we all have to have multiple devices!

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    06-19-08 04:46 PM
  4. sgocka's Avatar
    Just over 10,000 on my 80gb ipod classic

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    06-19-08 04:52 PM
  5. gs warrior 88's Avatar
    I have 6. Ahahahaha! I don't use an MP3 player. My deck in my car has a USB output where i can just stick in a USB flash drive with TONS!!!! of mp3's. Right now i have 64GB USB flash drive connected to it. I have 6 songs on my berry i just listen to when i am on the go.
    06-19-08 04:58 PM
  6. Mich321's Avatar
    I love that we all have to have multiple devices!

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    Funny you say that...my hubby's nickname for is the "technology who..!" I've got my BB, my MP3 player, my Palm Tungsten, my digital camera and I can't even count the number of flashdrives, SD and xD cards with assorted music, movies, ebooks, pics, etc. Oh yea, and the digital voice recorder I carry around in my bag! Sheesh!
    06-19-08 05:43 PM
  7. jidx's Avatar
    900 on iphone, 600 on ipod touch, 200 on BB curve

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    06-19-08 05:58 PM
  8. jgr757's Avatar
    I used the .mp3 player on the berry almost exclusively for listening to podcasts. It is the only way to keep up with the Mike O'Meara Show, the Hideout (WJFK out of Washington, DC), and Kevin and Bean from KROQ.

    Of course, I have my double album copy of Bob Marley's Legend and Green Day American *****, but other than that, not many songs at all.
    06-22-08 02:29 PM
  9. rameal999's Avatar
    2673 on my comp but I don't put them all on my iPod since it's not big enough but I put it on my other iPod, I am going to use that for the car
    06-22-08 07:10 PM
  10. Myself's Avatar
    I have 4707 songs and 55 videos on my 30 gig ipod, 3569 on my Zen vision M, 631 songs on my ipod Touch (and 5 videos, 2 of which are movies), 1211 songs on my Sansa Fuze, unknown on my Sansa Clip (probably 150-200), and 49 songs on my Curve.
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    06-22-08 09:26 PM
  11. DeathRightz's Avatar
    i filled one 30gb ipod classic with 7,800 songs and a handful of videos, two 4gb sd cards for my blackberry and one 8gb sd card for my gps!! i love music!!!
    08-06-08 12:13 PM
  12. Chrisy's Avatar
    529 on my 2 gb
    75 on my 256 mb

    Both are micro sd cards that i use in my bb. i don't own any other mp3 player!

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    08-06-08 12:16 PM
  13. jrau13's Avatar
    Close to 6000 on my ipod.
    08-06-08 01:58 PM
  14. timatl's Avatar
    about 3800 on my 80gb zune
    08-06-08 02:01 PM
  15. wnm's Avatar
    I've got my 4GB iPod nano 98% full with 707 songs. So far I only have my 26 song Bowie playlist on my Curve.

    If would be nice to have what I would call an iPod switch. It would work like a card reader so you could swap multiple flash memory cards in and out and you wouldn't have to keep syncing different music.
    08-06-08 02:18 PM
  16. Jux#CB's Avatar
    On the laptop/iPod - 3457 songs/9.7 days/18.54 GB
    08-06-08 02:35 PM