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    How many boxes of Kellog's Cornflakes or Subway Subs can Michael Phelps eat when he has the munchies?

    I know this is way off topic, but I am curious to see if my fellow CBer's think Phelps is getting the shaft or his just desserts.

    I don't partake personally in any herb inhalation for Glaucoma . Smoking marijiauna is illegal as we are all aware, but does Phelps at 21 deserve all of the negative media he is recieving?

    I find it funny that when he was winning gold medals one after another he was a media darling and the USA was awfully proud. Sponsors lined up to put his name and face on thier products. Then the infamous "Bong" photo showed up and Phelps is all of the sudden treated like he has the bubonic plague.

    We could debate all day the whys and why nots of legalizing Marijiuana. But the question here is about the treatment of Phelps in the aftermath of this. The Olympics drug test everyone before they participate in the games. Obviously Phelps was clean when he won his medals, and IMHO if he had been high on weed before the events that would have only slowed him down to a crawl.

    I think most of us have done something we are not proud of at one point or another. (Especially around that age) Thankfully few of us have to worry about it becoming public.

    What do you think? Fair or Not?

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    02-12-09 08:03 AM
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    Well I have a feeling that it was just an excuse to get out of paying him for a picture. And you are right, while he was winning (and smoking at the time I'm sure), who cared?

    It would be funny if he had been stoned during every win, what could the sponsors say? I know a few people that perform amazing feats stoned (would not want to be in a car with them driving), but even still they are able to do things most people can't do unimpaired. This is not to say everyone can.

    If I remember correctly, the Olympics drug testing is only for performance enhancing drugs, not illegal drugs
    There are worst things to be known as. A pot smoking gold medal winner, has nothing to be ashamed about, because in the end no one really cares what he does when he's not winning medals other than his parents.
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    I agree with you. There are worse things to be known as. I wonder if he makes it into the Olympics again, will all be forgiven as quickly as all was condemned?

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    02-12-09 08:36 AM
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    Do I feel good when my kids tell me that what he did was stupid? Sure. But, considering his age (we all learn by mistakes) and the fact that Clinton and Obama admit to mairjuana, Bush to cocaine and half the baseball all stars to steroids/unknown chemicals...

    I'm not sure the amount of MJ he was pictured smoking would even get him arrested under personal use laws in some places...

    The point being, yea it was a bad P.-R. move for an athelete, but does it matter more than Obama smoking cigarettes?

    I hate how the media is so Borderline-personality about things. People are just not ALL good one day and ALL bad the next...

    So to answer the question, it's kind of fair. He should be insulted and made fun of for being stupid enough to be shown doing that... then we should all get back to our lives.
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    hahaha, i understand the negative media as the US is so anti drug especially since the reagan admin. people seem to lump smoking pot in the same category as smoking crack. kind of insane.

    as a former competitive swimmer, i know there's no way he could have been smoking and pulling off high intensity work outs like he did leading up to beijing.

    but damn, anyone see the bong phelps was hitting? it's a roor custom.... costs around $500. what marijuana smoker WOULDN'T want to take advantage of that? ha ha
    02-12-09 09:15 AM
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    LMAO! Custom bong? I must be further past my partying days than I thought. I guess since he helped Bill Curtis find the internet, he can slurge on an expensive bong.

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    02-12-09 09:32 AM
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    I don't feel this should prohibit him from being eligible for the next olympics.

    It's not like Marijuana makes you into the Incredible Hulk.

    It's Not a Performance Enhancing Drug.

    It Just Makes You Lazy and Hungry, And 90% of People Are Like that Way Anyway-

    I'm Still Shocked that Marijuana Still Has Such a Stigma.

    Alcohol is Far More Debillitating than Marijuana-

    And you Surely Can't Compare Marijuana to the Likes of Crack, Crystal, or Cocaine.
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    This reminds me of a joke Leno made last night on his show; albeit he referred to Wheaties instead of cornflakes. Along with alluding to Phelps; Leno also swiped at Alex Rod's predicament in his joke.

    Leno said something on the lines of: So it's ok for an athlete to use performance enhancing drugs to get successful enough in his/her sport to be pictured on a box of wheaties; yet it's not ok for an athlete to use drugs that make them want to munch on some wheaties in copious amounts?

    I found that commentary to be rather comical because of the fact that it draws humor from the truth.
    02-12-09 02:11 PM