1. gregs_8's Avatar
    Just a little thread to see how long people stick with a phone. Its gonna be 2 years in October that I've had my original 8330...yup no replacements. I just always hear of people complaining about little faulty defects on their phones....maybe it isn't the manufacture, but maybe the user...
    Mine has been dropped, scratched, and still works like a champ!

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    02-26-10 02:43 PM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    Only 5 months so far but I plan to hold on for as long as possible. My usual phone lasts for the life of a contract. The 9000 is no commitment but is the best phone I ever owned.

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    02-26-10 03:02 PM
  3. RickyRoss10's Avatar
    I've had my 9550 since release day...and I'll have it until the Storm3 is released.

    Being a geek is expensive!
    02-26-10 03:12 PM
  4. syb0rg's Avatar
    Going on my 4th year will BB

    Had my 9700 since day one (the first one sold via T-Mobile in Cincinnati ohio)

    i'll own it till my phone is paid off via EM+, and i might look into a Android phone.
    02-26-10 03:16 PM
  5. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    3 weeks for this BB but I had my Pearl Flip for a year.
    02-26-10 06:28 PM
  6. DUKDIKz's Avatar
    6 months babeee
    02-26-10 06:45 PM
  7. readingteacher05's Avatar
    Had my 9630 for three months and my curve 8330 for a year ----my pearl 8130 for 2 months before the curve

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    02-27-10 07:34 AM
  8. Lady_Roboto's Avatar
    8130: 16 months total (three new, 16 for the replacement*). *the trackball dome is shot, so I don't have much choice but to take advantage of the early upgrade in April.

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    02-27-10 12:49 PM
  9. jgodin03's Avatar
    6 months with my 8100, 8 months with my S1, 1 day with my 8830(bought it to sell it), 1 week with my 8130, 2 weeks with my 8330 and now 3 or 4 months with my 9630. waiting the 9650 on Telus to know if I upgrade to the 9700 or the 9650.
    02-27-10 01:04 PM
  10. emmyblade's Avatar
    ive had mine for about half a year
    its still in good use and im reasonably pleased with it
    might get an upgrade to a storm maybe?
    02-27-10 01:21 PM
  11. pilsbury's Avatar
    6 weeks with my 9700-over 4 years with Blackberry
    02-27-10 01:33 PM
  12. Stell1na's Avatar
    Only about a month and a half, but this one isn't my first by a long shot - 4 years on a Blackberry, and generally keep them 1 year each.

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    02-27-10 03:34 PM
  13. 70roadrunner's Avatar
    I've had my Tour since last summer. That said, once the Tour 2 comes out with Wifi I'm all in. On avg about 14 months per berry
    03-02-10 07:32 AM
  14. anon4705193's Avatar
    First BB, on the 14th will be one year
    03-02-10 01:12 PM
  15. Xpimp's Avatar
    My 9700 since November
    03-02-10 01:53 PM
  16. cbrown61's Avatar
    I have had my 8330 curve for about a month now and I love it. It is my first BB and wont be my last. It is also the first phone I bought before I was eligible for upgrade, and I am glad I did.
    03-02-10 04:49 PM
  17. Ike Bee's Avatar
    8330 for 9mos. Before that, the 8130 for 2yrs. Hope to get Tour2 or whatev they're calling it next. Crackberry head 4eva!!!

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    03-02-10 06:18 PM
  18. iiiiiLoveMyBB's Avatar
    8100 1 year, 8900 9 months, 9700 1 month and loving it!
    04-06-10 02:13 PM
  19. motoroid7's Avatar
    Going on 4 months with my 8530.
    04-06-10 03:34 PM
  20. saichick04's Avatar
    I've had my 8530 since dec 09. So not long and I usually see a nice shiny new phone and want it every 6 months or so. But I've got to keep this berry for two years! I've had a pearl flip, storm 1 and 8830 but this curve is my favorite so far!
    04-06-10 03:54 PM
  21. mrs.driscoll's Avatar
    I have had mines for exactly a month ... And my curve 8330 for 3 months before I upgraded to the 8530 ... Yay me because I am a phone junkie love keeping up with the times I plan to keep this until my fiancEe thinks I'm ready for a new one .... But I do plan to stick with blackberry because I am an addict love this phone !!!

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    04-06-10 06:26 PM
  22. RedVixen81's Avatar
    I'm a first time BB user and I have had my 9700 for 1 week and 2 day

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    04-06-10 07:36 PM
  23. grunt0300's Avatar
    I've had my BB for four months. First one, and loving it !
    04-06-10 07:48 PM