04-02-08 01:12 AM
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  1. Timewalk's Avatar
    I think the last time was when i was at a Hospital too..
    03-27-08 08:52 PM
  2. overmydeadberry's Avatar
    Ya here in the ghetto... Los Angeles... People still use them... It's like wtf?! But personally I don't think I ever used one...

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    03-27-08 08:57 PM
  3. klivingston1's Avatar
    I just thought about this...maybe a little off topic, but on at the same time.
    You think superman ever thought that through clearly? A phone booth is made of windows! What secret identity? No x-ray vision required! Shoulda used a port-a-potty, maybe.
    And on another note, does anyone else think it maybe funny to stand in a phone booth and talk on you bb while watching a line build up?
    Just some thoughts.

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    03-27-08 11:46 PM
  4. joeyaz's Avatar
    Hmm..last time was in early November. I had lost my phone and didn't have one. I was working, delivering beer to a Circle K and they had a payphone so I called this girl I was seeing at the time. I think that call was cursed cause we soon broke up after lol
    03-29-08 07:56 PM
  5. broomhilda's Avatar
    Klivingston1- you know, I never thought of that. U treesting topic. Didn't they make a new Superman movie? Where did he change?

    I was at a hockey game yesterday and the payphone still said 25 cents. I didn't go and check if it still worked. There was no booth so I wouldn't have been able to use my BB while there was a line.

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    03-30-08 09:51 PM
  6. klivingston1's Avatar
    Lol. Well, of course he changed in a phone booth in the new movie too... It may just be something they can't let go of. Part of what makes superman, superman.

    Come to think of it though, I haven't seen an actual phone booth in years.they're always bolted to walls inside of places or tacked onto the outside of convenience stores. What'll they do in ten years when there are no phone booths? Superman will be forced to stop at a gas station and ask for a key to the restroom.
    Phone booths may just be a dying breed. Maybe we should start a petition before they go extinct. We could have a fund raiser and see how many naked people we can fit in a phone booth....I mean...uh...hehe.

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    03-31-08 01:13 AM
  7. brownieangel23's Avatar
    Well I was reading somewhere (probably on CB) that a company has created "phone booths" for cell phone users, so I guess he can change there

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    03-31-08 01:15 AM
  8. Just.jaded's Avatar
    Hmm, the cell towers on this island went down a few months back and I used a payphone to call my husband to let him know.

    It felt so weird calling from one. I used a calling card.
    03-31-08 11:58 AM
  9. WifeyMaterial's Avatar
    Payphone? They still have those?
    03-31-08 07:45 PM
  10. muu's Avatar
    isn't using a payphone some kind of serious health issue, bad breath lingers, grems, sick etc

    umf i'll steel ur berry outta ya hands 1st.
    03-31-08 07:48 PM
  11. visi0n's Avatar
    i haven't used a pay phone in over 10 years...
    not since when i was in high school waiting for the bus trying to dial different 900 numbers
    03-31-08 07:50 PM
  12. klivingston1's Avatar
    Phone booths for cell phone users? That's absurd! Not really. It's a pretty neat idea. I don't reckon I'll see one of those in this one-horse town for another 3 years or so, though. (It's okay though because we don't have superheroes here...only rednecks with shotguns. Hehe)
    What do you suppose a phone booth for cell phone users might entail? Well, other than the smells left behind by the people who used it before you(not everyone is as civilized, sanitary and hygienic as we blackberry users)(I mean...some folks is funky!)
    Anyway will there be anything special about these phone booths, ya think? (Gotta insert a fiver to get in? Sorry.) I'm really curious now....

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    04-01-08 01:26 AM
  13. broomhilda's Avatar
    We would use a special barcode from our blackberry screen. It could be like the bike borrowing plan. Honor system. Wouldn't it be nice? I could see it right now...

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    04-01-08 03:41 PM
  14. broomhilda's Avatar
    Which brings on another question from klivingston1. Is there a "typical" blackberry or Crackberry user? Interesting.

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    04-01-08 03:44 PM
  15. klivingston1's Avatar
    Lmao. The booth should be capable of learning which cold beverage I'd like while chatting on my berry, as well as which snack I'd like. It should be able to learn it from my berry upon entry. It should also maintain a comfortable temperature. This isn't a booth...it's a lounge.
    I actually looked these things up....they're pretty boring...not even a seat from what I could see.... Guess you don't wanna be too comfortable....

    Anywho...that is a good question. I'm far from being a corporate guy, or business exec...like opposite just about. And I still love my Curve. And I love this place too. I was just jokin when I made the remark about sophistication...but then I calls 'em like I sees 'em. We got at least a little class, which is evident in our form of communication. If you have a berry in one hand and a starbucks cup in the other...who isn't going to look and think "snob!"?! And let's face it...that's what we like ;-)

    I'm longwinded...surprised no one tells me to stuff a sock in it! Thanks folks!

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    04-02-08 01:12 AM
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