1. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Calling all 'crackberry addicts', come one, come all...

    So, you type on your BlackBerry all day long, BUT, how fast are you?

    Time yourself, for a full minute, how many words can you type? Here's something that you could use as a guide:

    03-16-07 07:47 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...hold the phone! I can't believe no one has replied to this. What am I missing here?
    03-19-07 04:18 AM
  3. Burgaz's Avatar
    ok... I'm really not bothering trying because i don't need a test to tell you i'm really slow when it comes to type on my mini qwerty!

    I'm too used to regular mobile keypads, altho i am getting better as the days go by...
    03-19-07 08:02 PM
  4. tmag2005's Avatar
    48 Words/ Min

    but it looked like chinese with a tad of Mongolian....and ,y hands were shaking from fear of failing
    03-20-07 09:21 AM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Is that 48, on a QWERTY keyboard? Not bad, I've not even checked mine yet! LOL
    03-20-07 09:27 AM
  6. tmag2005's Avatar

    And i reckon i could hit 50 if i was typing an email that i was constructing rather than copying...but my mrs can hit faster than that...
    03-20-07 09:29 AM
  7. howie's Avatar
    I'm a minute man :-D
    ok kidding
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    03-20-07 12:15 PM
  8. kasperapd's Avatar
    I'm a minute man :-D
    ok kidding
    LOL. Sure you're kidding.....
    03-20-07 01:01 PM
  9. tmag2005's Avatar
    really i saw ads for 30 secs......
    03-20-07 04:38 PM
  10. MMB916's Avatar
    I tried to type the text here several days ago and got WAY to aggravated. SO I thought I would just type as I do but then I became distracted by all of the word games I'm playing on the site - it's all just WAY FUN!! Will get to it though and get back here.....

    ...hold the phone! I can't believe no one has replied to this. What am I missing here?
    03-20-07 07:54 PM
  11. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...you're a Moderator now, no time for 'games'!
    03-20-07 09:13 PM
  12. MMB916's Avatar
    You are a HOOT, Navilyn...true...time for serious - like all mods
    03-20-07 09:50 PM
  13. tmag2005's Avatar
    Can Mods be serious fun...!
    03-21-07 04:54 AM
  14. MMB916's Avatar
    Agreed...with u on that one
    03-21-07 01:18 PM
  15. tmag2005's Avatar
    Glad we agreed! Where is Kasper!...
    03-21-07 03:38 PM
  16. MMB916's Avatar
    I believe he is on a plane.....hopefully there are no snakes (joke per Kasper)

    Glad we agreed! Where is Kasper!...
    03-21-07 03:56 PM
  17. tmag2005's Avatar
    Ah thats why he aint replying to my BB Messenger.....Last time i spoke to him he was eating Donut and Pizza.....see i can say this now cos he on a plane
    03-21-07 05:15 PM
  18. pinkdaisy226's Avatar
    Okay, had to try it out - I got up to 56 wpm, and it was mostly legible. Mostly. And btw, it made me realize how much I use my right thumb and how little the left one gets used!
    03-22-07 01:20 PM
  19. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...keep up the good work. Am sure you'll get faster at it.
    03-22-07 02:07 PM
  20. tmag2005's Avatar
    Its like an inniation ceremony thing...

    you can only join if you can do certain amount of words per min.......

    03-24-07 09:52 AM
  21. middbrew's Avatar
    I'm guessing all the BB10 devices are a lot quicker then the old BBs.
    01-15-14 03:21 PM
  22. sleepngbear's Avatar
    OH ... you meant at typing.
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    01-15-14 03:32 PM
  23. middbrew's Avatar
    OH ... you meant at typing.
    01-15-14 03:49 PM