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    Hi there.

    Has anyone been getting problems with their Hotmail account? Recently, one of my accounts mysteriously wouldn't accept my password. It also had my Facebook account linked to it and I couldn't get into that either. I was able to contact Facebook about it and the matter was resolved by linking my other Hotmail account to Facebook. This took seven days and when I went to look at my albums, I noticed that I had about 1/5 of what I used to have. It seems like someone was able to crack my password, even though it contains hyphens, letters and numbers. Nobody knows it, I'm sure, but it happened. I am now unable to get into the second account which I had linked my Facebook account to. I can no longer, again, gain access to my Facebook account. I have scanned my computer for any sort of virus, keylogger etc. and it's definitely not from my router. Other computers connected to it have no such problem.

    Phishing scandal, maybe?

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    09-11-11 11:32 PM
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    Phishing is likely. I wouldn't trust hotmail for anything as it's so damn easily hackable. I use Yahoo! Mail instead and haven't had any such issues relating to hacking or phishing. Popular mail providers get that the most nowadays.

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    09-15-11 01:11 PM
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    It certainly was phishing. I got my accounts back with the help of customer support and have much more secure passwords and other features such as sending a verification code to my phone to enter after the password has been successful.

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    09-15-11 08:28 PM