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    VoIP technology is helping the mushrooming of call center technology all across the world. This is helping the call centers in reducing the cost and getting agents at lower cost with higher skill set. Most of the VoIP based call center technology are currently premise based solution where the IT systems implemented becomes more of a hindrance on time and cost effectiveness.

    With recent advancement of VoIP, capable call center equipment like server and gateways are being replaced one third of cost with VoIP while matching reliability levels of traditional telephony. VoIP based call center solutions help call centers see reduced call costs, lower churn and drastic reduction on agent and admin costs.

    Obeylx, a VoIP based call center solution allows the call centers around the world to reap the benefits of VoIP at much lower call center equipment cost and turn around time. Obeylx helps agents to remotely log in and make calls using call center solution that is installed on their desktops. The supervisor has all the control to monitor agents both on real time and on their historical performance for geographically distributed agents. Obeylx call center technology platform helps call centers to service their customers better without burning hole in their pocket.
    12-29-08 03:50 AM
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    I will sleep better now that I have that juicy nugget of information.

    12-29-08 02:07 PM