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    Ok, fellow horror movie fans! I have searched Google in every way I can think, but can't come up with what I need. I am looking for a picture that I have seen before, not quite cartoon but hand-drawn, that is Jason Vorhees, Michael Meyers, Pinhead, and Freddy Kruger as children coloring, doing puzzles and other child-like things. Anyone know where I could find that? I know this isn't BlackBerry related, but if CrackBerry Nation doesn't know then who does?

    Thank you for directing me to the right thread!
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    09-04-12 05:37 PM
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    Not this?......

    09-04-12 07:10 PM
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    No, but I really like that, especially the artwork. Do you know who drew these? I saw the picture years ago, and it could have been a random once only picture but I had to ask the forum
    09-04-12 07:37 PM
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    Here is the source site, they have some other great stuff there too....

    Sesame Street Characters Turned In To Horror Villains
    09-04-12 08:53 PM
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    I also like to watch the Horror Movie. I'm like to watch the Blade Trinity Movie. Blade the Vampire Hunter a good movie. I've big fan of the Blade Trinity Movie. It was fantastic movie.
    09-06-12 04:44 AM