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    Hi, everyone! It's me again, babbling about my book lol. I was just making a post over here in the Off-Topic forums announcing the release of the first part of The Becoming, a novel about the zombie apocalypse featuring a virus named after our very own Kevin Michaluk! This is the novel that I wrote/drafted exclusively on a variety of BlackBerry devices (mainly the Bold 9000, the Curve 8900, the Bold 9700, and now the Torch) that I discussed a bit on the CrackBerry podcast over a year ago.

    Because of the sheer length of the book (over 200,000 words, which is definitely a hefty tome!) and the ridiculous amount of time it's taken me to edit the thing, it was suggested to me that I split the book up into parts. As a result, the book has been split into a series of five novellas of approximately 40,000 words in length, and the first part, called The Becoming: Outbreak, is available now!

    The book's only available as an eBook for now, but it's readable on all our BlackBerrys with the Kindle and Barnes & Noble apps (plus other mobile devices you may own). You've got three options for purchase if you're interested:

    1. You can buy it in the .azn format from Amazon to work on your Kindle eReader or Kindle apps. It's available here: Amazon.com: The Becoming: Outbreak (The Becoming: A Tale of the Zombie War) eBook: Jessica Meigs: Books. (Please note I've submitted a price change to Amazon to knock the price down to $0.99, but it's not reflecting on the site yet at the time of this posting. Just give it a bit and it should be corrected.)

    2. You can pick it up at Barnes & Noble for use on your nook or nookColor or for any of the B&N eReader apps on mobile phones and computers here: The Becoming, The Becoming, Jessica Meigs, (2940012030788) NOOKbook (eBook) - Barnes & Noble.

    3. Or if you prefer to have it as a .pdf file and to support authors with no middle-man, you can purchase it directly from me via PayPal at The Becoming.

    There's a quick synopsis available at the last link there, plus a link to the entire first chapter so you can read a bit before you decide whether or not to buy.

    Your support and feedback are always appreciated, and I apologize for spamming your forum lol.
    12-21-10 05:51 PM
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    Oh wow, you will be my first purchase with my B&N gift card! I was looking for e-books early this morning (3am) and now my first will be yours.
    12-26-10 01:42 PM
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    Naw, you didn't spam, but you provided us with a good ebook!

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    12-26-10 01:57 PM
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    That's incredible to write a book of that length totally on a BB. Good luck with the sales and I will be checking it out.
    12-26-10 07:06 PM
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    DAMN, I got to get this! I will paypal you directly! Got to read it on the BB, since it was written on a BB, it's only fair! Kevin should blog this!
    12-27-10 01:31 PM
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    Got a B&N E-Reader for Christmas, might have to check it out.
    12-27-10 04:11 PM
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    Just finished the first book in the series, nice work young lady, very nice. A super fast read too. Anyone planning on getting this should, it's a nice way to past a few hours and still want more to read. Well at least for me anyway.

    So when is the next book out? Now that you got me hooked, you have to keep me reading. Better hurry up, or I may just have to bite you!
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    12-27-10 10:17 PM
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    DAMN, I got to get this! I will paypal you directly! Got to read it on the BB, since it was written on a BB, it's only fair! Kevin should blog this!
    Due to happenings in the book (which I understand really happened), Kevin is... *sob*... unable to blog at this time.
    12-27-10 10:54 PM
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    Thank you all for your kind comments! I'm glad you all enjoyed/are enjoying the book!

    BlkBear, the second part (The Becoming: Safe House) doesn't have a release date yet, but I'm hoping by the end of January at latest. I'm already halfway through the edit job on it, and I've got my beta reader pretty excited over the events that are taking place. Things are definitely getting more interesting lmao.

    And personally, I'd LOVE it if it got featured on the CrackBerry blogs, but I honestly don't see that happening (though, then again, Kevin IS currently reading it, if his twitter page is anything to go by, so maybe...)
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    12-31-10 06:09 PM