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    I tried atleast 6 times and failed to write a memorial for our fallen brothers and sisters in this forum, and each time I realized there are no words that I can write that expresses the pain in my heart for the oh so many I have known, who I trained with, who I dined with, who I laughed and cried with, who I fought alongside with, and who died in the service of their country. There are no words for the fallen, but there are actions....things we can do....random acts of love and kindness, so many ways we as a people can honor the fallen by caring for the living, the survivors, the neighbor's soldier kid......

    Honor our veterans this Memorial Day by doing any one of the following acts, and discover something about yourself you didn't know you were capable of....

    * Visit a Veteran's Hospital and volunteer to feed a vet incapable of feeding himself, or reading to a vet incapable of seeing and reading for himself. Spend a few hours at the VA and find a new friend you didn't know you had.

    * Go to your church and light a candle for those you may know, or not know, are no longer with us.

    * Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, and if you know a vet, living or gone, make that donation in his name.

    * Contact your local VFW and ask if they could provide you with the name of a disable vet in your hometown who you would like to either invite to your home for a backyard BBQ, or perhaps prepare him or her a meal and deliver it to his home.

    * If you live close to a military base, contact the base commander and tell him/her you would like to invite a few of their single service members who for whatever reasons did not get to go home on the holidays to your home for an evening of fine dining and entertainment.

    * Go to your local airport, and look for flights that originate from Germany and greet returning servicemembers with a great smile and a thank you.

    * Visit a local Veteran's cemetary and do some clean up, minor landscaping, and pick a veteran interred there and visit him or her on the anniversary of his death, on Veteran's holidays, on his birthday, or whenever the mood suits you; honor him or her by adopting him/her and letting them know you care.

    These are just a few of my suggestions for honoring our soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and Coasties.

    God Bless you all this Memorial Day,

    05-27-12 08:56 AM
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    Amen and a huge THANK YOU to all of those that do and did serve and those that fallen!
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    05-27-12 09:29 AM
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    I don't have to go very far to honor a vet, we have a great one right here And a few more I'm sure.
    So from at least one Canadian.

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    OUTSTANDING Alnamvet.......OUTSTANDING......SemperFi . USMC
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    05-27-12 10:16 AM
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    One of the rare occasions I am at a loss for words. Outstanding ideas!
    Thank you and all who have served.
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    05-27-12 02:11 PM
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    Thank you guys for your posts. I just received this video from a friend and fellow pilot...he too knows how inadequate our words are, and will forever be, but a picture or two says it all.


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    Thank you so much Al. G_d bless you, all those who have served, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and the families who venture forth bravely.
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    05-27-12 04:18 PM
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    Thank you to all Veterans for you past, present, and future service to protect us and ensure our Freedoms. We may not always say it but Thank You and your families for your service. God Bless You All.
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    05-27-12 04:39 PM
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    Al there are no words we can say regarding those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Nor are there words to show the appreciation to those serving now and willing to make the same sacrifice.

    As a Marine who no longer serves I understand the sacrifices and have know several brothers to have made it.

    Your suggestions are absolutely BRILLIANT.

    There are several older vet's in my neighborhood, I will make it a point to stop by and do something for each.

    We who served are highly aware of what may be asked. It definitely helps to know that it doesn't go unappreciated.

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    05-27-12 09:03 PM
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    Thank you, Al and EZ and everyone else who has served our country.

    There is someone from my church whose son made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq. http://www.jeffboskovitch.com/

    I will be attending a Memorial Day service at my church tomorrow morning, and I will definitely remember all of the fallen heroes and pray for the safety of the troops serving now.

    I would not have freedom if it were not for the service you and your brothers gave to our country.

    God bless all veterans and current servicemen.
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    05-28-12 07:17 AM
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    As a Marine who no longer serves. This is a meaningful thread....THANKS AL for recognizing VETERANS....always, you're an inspiration for men/women who have served and/or gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and our way of life.
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    05-28-12 07:33 AM