07-31-11 07:56 PM
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  1. todbanner's Avatar
    I think I'd allow it. But to be honest I've never been asked by a stranger.

    Friends and family absolutely.

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    01-23-11 03:21 AM
  2. Kayteaface's Avatar
    I definitely wouldn't let strangers use my phone. Gosh, I only let my family make calls if I can dial the number. There's been too many times I've let friends "make a call" and they ended up just going through texts and photos instead - absolutely hate that.
    01-29-11 03:20 PM
  3. BerryBottle's Avatar
    Since I'm a new user to BB, I think i'd let people look and touch it for a while, maybe for like 10 seconds maximum since they'll be amused that I changed my phone recently and I wouldnt be thaaat protective. This might continue on for like maybe 1 more week, but after that, can predict that I'll be alil but more possessive. I won't want anybody going through my stuff! So NO TOUCHING in 1 weeks time
    02-04-11 05:43 AM
  4. mzceetee's Avatar
    Um No! Ill dial -u give digits and goes on speaker phone lol
    02-21-11 10:00 PM
  5. tim167246's Avatar
    I let a friend make a call with my BB Pearl 9100 once...
    NEVER let someone with greasy hands touch your BlackBerry.. He recently got an iPhone 4 It's payback time
    02-26-11 03:39 PM
  6. Crisdean's Avatar
    Before I got my BB and was still using one of the generic " dumb" phones ... I would've said yes to this question .

    But yesterday on the jobsite , some guy came up to me and asked me that . After I convinced myself he was only asking to borrow my phone and not my wife , I told him no cuz my battery was almost dead . If you can call an 80% charge almost dead

    But since I've got my BB , it's completely hands off to anyone that doesn't share my Bday and exact name .

    Anyone else like this ? Do you let others handle your blackberry...or is that a matter that would end up with the " touchee " sporting a hand cast for a few months ?
    No. Simple as that. Bad things can happen if you did that. Never ever have I done that and never will. Friends and family excluded.

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    03-22-11 05:16 PM
  7. olliegrl's Avatar
    i let people use my phone ONLY if i know they have a smart phone equal to a Berry. If they're coming from a flip phone, no way.

    even when an experienced user uses my BB i watch them like a hawk...
    03-22-11 06:37 PM
  8. Julianne79's Avatar
    No one, family and friends excluded

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    03-25-11 10:26 AM
  9. justineporter's Avatar
    It depends on the situation for me, if it is an emergency then yes of course. But if it is someone who just wants to make a call then no, unless it is a friend I have some firends who do not have long distance where I have unlimited then yeah, but only for friends. Strange people not a friggen chance, same with people who just want to look at my phone you can go to the store and see the phone.
    07-30-11 03:56 PM
  10. Restrictive's Avatar
    No, unless your family or friends.
    If It was an emergency, I would make the neccessary call to the rite people and if a stranger needed to talk to somebody, I would be holding the phone whilst it being on Loudspeaker.

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    07-31-11 10:53 AM
  11. soogriff's Avatar
    **** no. Nobody uses my phone. Especially a stranger. Putting the possibiliy of them dropping my phone, u got people's greasy face oils. Yuck. No sir.

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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-31-11 07:56 PM
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