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    I'm sure a lot of our lives have been affected in one way or another by Cancer (our loved ones, perhaps ourselves, our co-workers, our friends, etc.).

    Here's a speech by the late Coach Jim Valvano...if you feel like your life, life overall, and any/every thing of difficulty that may be contained in it is nothing but strife...check this out. His words and raw emotion transcend the bout with a disease which eventually killed him mere days after he gave this speech...his words are a epilogue on hope for life as it is.
    12-06-08 02:31 PM
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    I'm not a fan of double-posting; particularly in one's own thread...however I felt that I should provide elaboration on why I created this thread.

    I had to finish some work; and couldn't do so at home with all the distractions and such. Therefore I came into the office and started getting extremely agitated with what I felt like was an endless heap of paperwork. I decided to take a break; so I went into the break room and turned the television onto some college football. The moment I turned it on; ESPN aired a commercial about The V Foundation for Cancer Research (which I've donated services to before)....they aired a tid-bit of a speech by the founder and inspiration of that very organization (Jimmy Valvano).

    I had seen his speech (linked above) numerous times before...and felt that I should share it; since it's GREATLY INSPIRATIONAL and humbleing. I feel like a thousand stones with the words 'reality check' inscribed on each of them...are being pelted at me everytime I watch it. So if you have a couple of minutes to spare where you will come out a much more enlightened person than you were 11-minutes prior to watching the video...do so; you won't regret it.
    12-06-08 02:52 PM