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    Hi all,

    I realise this may be a long shot but nothing ventured, nothing gained...

    I am a student nurse in the UK and for part of my upcoming assignment I have to design a health promotion tool. Given the time constraints - this has to be in on Tuesday next week - I am looking at putting a poster together. I have no experience of graphic design and not a creative bone in my body. The brief is for it to look good which rules out me doing a hand-made one. Is there anyone out there working in graphic design with a spare hour to mock something up for me? I have a good idea of what I want but can unfortunately not offer any payment in return other than my eternal gratitude and appreciation.

    I'd really appreciate any help with this. May I ask though that if you are unable to commit to it, not to offer. It's my fault I am leaving it to the last minute but still would need someone reliable.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Please PM me if you feel you're able to help.
    06-24-08 04:22 PM