1. GSM-S's Avatar
    Hello fellow CB users,

    I will need your help. I'm on a "Smart 24 tab" Fido Plan. I'm managed to narrow things down, but I'm stuck deciding between picking the following:

    *LG G4
    24 tab $0
    Android 6 (not sure about upgrade to 7)
    32GB Storage
    1.8GHz Hexa CPU
    3GB RAM

    *iPhone 5S
    24 tab $0
    Upgradable to iOS10
    16GB storage
    A7 chip CPU
    1GB RAM

    *iPhone SE #1
    24tab $350
    64GB Storage
    A9 chip CPU
    2GB RAM

    *iPhone SE #2
    24tab $220
    16GB Storage
    A9 chip CPU
    2GB RAM

    What option would you guys recommend?

    ~.Posted using CB10 on my Z10 running 10.3.2.~
    06-16-16 12:33 PM
  2. TomatoPaste's Avatar
    LG V10

    Asus Zenphone 3 Deluxe.

    BlackBerry Priv.

    LG G5.

    Samsung S6.

    Nokia 3280.
    06-16-16 01:29 PM
  3. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    Among your options, I'd pick either the LG G4 or iPhone SE 64GB.
    NEVER choose a 16GB iPhone.

    06-16-16 01:43 PM

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