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    Ok, so i've tons of threads all floating around here talking about everything know to man/woman so i figured i'm a hard working new yorker whose job tends to drive me a little crazy sometimes and every now and then i need a break or just some space to express my thoughts, everyday experiences, and information relevant to life in NY... PLEASE for the sake of my sanity and i'm sure many others out there, EXPRESS!!!! i'm new to the whole thing so help a fellow crackberry user out. If i'm doing or saying something wrong let me know. If not feel free to help a user out. Thanx
    01-14-09 07:45 AM
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    Sounds good. What do you need ? AND Welcome to Crackberry my friend.
    01-14-09 08:18 AM
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    well nothing specific, just tryin to get a post started, share information, express anger, post something funny, i don't care, like i said it helps the day go by
    01-14-09 12:00 PM
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    So i'm listening to my sales vp BS on the phone as always (couldn't ignore him if i tried he's so loud) and i overhear a story about some college girl out in the island who after commiting a hit n run on a beer run for a party posts on her myspace her sobb story about how her poor BMW is damaged from being in an accident that night around the same place as the hit n run. Funny part is someone reported her and from what he's saying and she's been arrested and going to be tried for the crime... hasn't been confirmed through the news but if its true i just have to ask. HOW STUPID CAN SOME PEOPLE BE...
    01-15-09 09:06 AM
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    Ppl do stupid ish all the time and post it on myspacw, like wth r u thinking?! Seriously......

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    01-15-09 09:37 PM