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    My daughter is getting married in April. The reception will have 350 people attending. Seating that many people in a fast and organized way will be difficult. some people use boards with everyones name listed alphabetically. The guest looks up his or her name and finds their table number. With a lot of guest AND a lot of family guests ( several with same last name) we fear it may take a long time for guest to find their own name and get to their table. I had an idea. I would like to set up a data base (or something??) with each guests name and table number. Once their name is typed into a query a small slide show would pop up on the screen. Saying something like "Welcome Mr. & Mrs Smith. You are seated at table 7. Please enjoy your evening" they could read that and head towards their table. The next guest in line would give his/her name to the attendant who would punch this into the query and up would pop THEIR personal greeting and table location. I love the idea...!! I just cant figure out WHICH program would be best and how would i be able to pull them out quickly (query?)

    Any ideas Please ?????
    03-23-11 05:56 PM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    Microsoft Access might be what you're looking for.
    03-23-11 07:08 PM
  3. trucky's Avatar
    Yeah, Access would easily do this with the right form built for the front end. Or you could have an alphabetical list printed. It would be almost as fast to just zip down the list and find the same information.
    03-24-11 06:51 AM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    350 people............wow hi there big bucks or starting out in the red.

    That does sound like a neat idea, hope someone can help you out.
    03-24-11 08:03 AM