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    Hey everyone
    I need some help. I've been a PC user forever. Since Windows 3.1. It's starting to get to the time where I need a new computer.
    I am a web designer. I decided to sign up for school to get a degree in it (more so it "looks" better for clients). They don't say if they require a Mac or a pc, but I'm thinking about trying a Mac. I've read a lot of good things about them for designers, but many bad things too. Most of them are very bias.
    So crackberry...do I spend the extra money and go for a Mac? (MacBook pro) or just look at a better pc? My laptop right now is a compaq. 320gb hd and 2 gb ddr2 ram, which I know isn't that great. My graphics card is the worst. It's a ATI Radeon hd 3200.
    I could just buy all the parts and make my laptop better too, but I love new shiny gadgets lol.
    If I was to get a Mac, I would always have my pc to fall back on too. I've just never designed or programmed on a Mac.
    On a side note, one of the classes offers java development which I am very interested in.

    So what should I do cb nation?


    Oh and sorry for the scatter-brained post...

    Edit: I forgot to add...I am not a gamer, so a really good graphics card isn't necessary...
    05-05-13 11:30 PM
  2. bizzyqu's Avatar
    I got the top of the line version of this recently, very happy with it, I have the old back up laptop when tablet isn't good enough, and it makes for a huge, clean workstation. XPS One 27" All-in-One PC With Optional Touch Screen | Dell
    05-05-13 11:38 PM
  3. editionfws's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll go look at one.

    Anyone else?
    05-06-13 08:22 PM
  4. jasonmelling's Avatar
    the advice I got from a career computer web designer (so he's on computers A LOT) is that you will spend less money on a computer that is just as good as an Apple. Now, Apple's do last a long time (my experience with my still running 2003 silver door PowerPC), but you can also get a good run from a PC if you don't leave it on all the time (for example) or run it hard 24/7. I would assume a Mac would die quicker from this treatment too, though.

    If money isn't an issue, there really is nothing like the joy of moving around Mac OSX (i had fun with 10.4), but I built a PC with my friend who builds websites so I can run AutoCAD and Revit. (Using those on Macs aren't as good.)

    I have no idea about which one is better for web design, but he does quite well using PC's he builds himself. Macs do better with video and graphic design (so "they" say), so that's something to keep in mind.

    So if you have the money, have fun with a Mac. If you want to save some money, build your own or buy a XPS or something.

    Don't you WANT a good graphics card if you're working with web design?
    05-06-13 09:08 PM
  5. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    you can do a "build your own" @ tigerdirect.com,,, i got my machine from them 3 or 4 yrs ago,,, staff is knowledgeable, support/warranty is great...
    05-06-13 09:50 PM
  6. editionfws's Avatar
    Thanks you guys.

    I do want a good graphics card haha. I just don't want to spend $300 on one lol.
    Money is a factor for sure, but I have school money that I can buy a computer with. I will look at tigerdirect and see what they have (I know they have everything haha) but I mean what I can get for my money, and this week I will go to the apple store and try out a Mac I just hate how they pressure people.

    I do like the life of a Mac...my pc is 4 years old and it's towards the end of its life.

    I'll play with a Mac in a fe days like I said, and I'll post back here.

    Thanks again!
    05-06-13 09:56 PM
  7. bizzyqu's Avatar
    Have you checked out the dell xps 12 convertible? its pretty awesome
    Help me with a new computer...-dell-xps-12.jpg
    05-06-13 09:56 PM
  8. jasonmelling's Avatar
    I have a $115 graphics card from AMD and it is fantastic. It's not the low-end $60, but not the $200 either. I read a ton of reviews and settled on the FirePro v3900. If you build, make sure to do a lot of research on the parts to make sure they got good reviews, and so that you won't waste your money.
    05-07-13 03:32 PM

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