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    I am going to be buying a Panasonic Lumx ZS-7 camera in the next few weeks. It does AVCHD Lite 720p HD video.

    We will certainly do some video taking with the cam, but that, for us, is a nice bonus, rather than an everyday kind of thing.

    I am toying between an 8gb and 16gb card. I am going to stick with SanDisk.

    Right now, prices seem to be as such on Newegg (where I have purchased cards in the past)

    8gb Class 4 15MB/s Ultra Card: $29.49 + free shipping
    16gb Class 4 15MB/s Ultra Card: $46.99 + $4.99 shipping

    8gb Class 6 20MB/s Extreme III Card: $46.99 + free shipping

    I guess I am trying to balance how much space I will typically "need" given my use. I would think even a 4gb card could work if I were just taking photos, but I think for vacation purposes, having a little more space (ha...a little) would be peace of mind.

    I just don't know how much value to me the extra speed of the extreme III card would provide. And the 8gb is rated as capable of 2 hours of HD video. I imagine I would never come near that amount in any one week vacation. But let's say I take one hour of video. That still leaves 4gb for photos and that's still a ton.

    So I think I may have reasoned myself to the 8gb card. Then it is a matter over speed of the card. $52 net for the faster card. $30 net for the class 4 card.


    Other ideas?
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    I'm always for as much space as you can get. Kinda like a garage... it doesn't matter how big it is you'll eventually fill it up. If you have thoughts of much video I'm sure you would appreciate the space down the road.

    Here's a Kingston Class IV 16GB for $34.95, free shipping:

    SD416GB Kingston Technology 16 GB Class 4 Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card
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