12-24-10 05:46 AM
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    This thread is appalling and should be removed.


    This thread wasn't for YOU!!! It was for me. I feel a lot better when I like people (and OS's).
    12-14-10 05:56 PM
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    I, for one, would love to see these forums become more civil. crackberry.com could be a lot less scary for newcomers for sure! I know we are for the most part all family here, but I sometimes wonder what the people think when they fall in during a google search. I am part of the problem. I want to knock that ******* off. I need help. Thanks for bearing with me.
    . I am one of those newer individuals who post very rarely as I had a bad experience when posting in a certain thread several years ago. I'm not thin skinned but the rudeness, and sometimes down right anger found in some of these treads is unwarranted. This should be a place of help and camaraderie. Thanks for listening! I've waited a long time for the right post to say that :-)

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    12-24-10 05:46 AM
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