So I had a blackberry bold 9780 and I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S2 for a change. Now the samsung galaxy S2 has all the bells and whistles like everyone says, BUT IT CANNOT COMPARE TO THE CRACKINESS OF CRACK. Everything takes longer on this phone and its a burden to hold and etc. The texting isn't too reliable either. When I tried my old crappy flip that was absolutely horrible I couldn't be happier. Then when I look at the blackberry specs compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2 people think I am on crack for wanting to go back to black. Truth is I'm on Crack, once you go black you can never go back. Guh I miss my blackberry so much after a month and a half. I might be able to live with this SGS2 in time but it's just not as awesome.
    10-14-11 11:35 AM
  2. TooIntense's Avatar
    We miss your posts too...haven't seen your face in awhile I left BB for the first Samsung Galaxy S, and the apps got old quickly. I'm happy with BB now, just a phase I had to go through I guess.
    10-14-11 11:51 AM
    ya... I just got to wait awhile before I upgrade or something because I already changed phones like 2-3 times this year.I don't want my mom to chew me outtt but I miss my blackberyy so much. Like when I went to a concert and I wanted to take pictures it told me my battery is too low to take pictures. And then when I first turn on my phone it takes a bit before I can actually use the camera or listen to music like GOSHH. and I always find myself switching data on and off. And killing apps.
    10-14-11 11:59 AM
  4. Crakzag's Avatar
    know it's kinda late but ever since the 9000 bold I have just found it impossible to be excited about any other handsets so i put upgrades on hold & nearly switched to the gs2 also as was fed up of waiting (9mths) but now overly haps so was worth the wait.
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    10-23-11 10:46 AM