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    The title is self explanatory. I guess I'm in what you would call a rut. Not really having a fun time being single. Especially since I'm still going thru heartbreak. Dating sites and apps suck. I live in a very small city and every woman here is either taken or 20 (I'm 36). I did once date a woman I met in a BBM theme devs group. But that was pretty much luck. So I ask, anyone here ever met someone special here?

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    05-13-14 09:49 AM
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    Oh I think a lot of people have done this. Hope some of them don't mind talking about it!!!!!!
    05-13-14 10:11 AM
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    I hope so too. I guess my whole thing is to find out if this is possible. My ex is already moving on (although we're still close in each others lives) and I see her texting him and I miss that seein how my phone isn't going off like here's is. She smiles more. I don't. I miss that feeling of meeting someone new and see what happens.

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    05-13-14 10:17 AM
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    I dated the duck once but she didn't turn up! Or turned up and ran away but it doesn't not count cause he's a duck so disregard this post see eh?

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    05-13-14 11:34 AM
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    I meet a special lady off CB. 4 months and counting. It's working thus far. I feel good about her. Look at it like this, if you meet someone at the bar or a mall you have no clue as to what she's about. Well if you meet her through CB or BBM you know you at least have one thing in common. Good luck!

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    05-19-14 06:23 PM
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    They'll likely have fugly kids!!


    Interested to see if CB10 cyber love happens

    05-25-14 03:10 AM
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    We have had seen a fair number of relationships, and several marriages. Some of our staff have met here, and are in relationships. There have even been announcements and threads related to some of them.
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    05-25-14 03:13 AM
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    I met my wife here

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    05-25-14 03:17 AM
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    I met my wife here

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    I seem to remember you posting about that, and shared it with the community. Same for a few others, some incredible stories over the years.
    05-25-14 03:19 AM
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    I is available shud anypersonbodys fancy luvvin mees eh?
    05-25-14 06:17 AM
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    Sunderland why I is still unluvved eh?
    05-25-14 12:08 PM