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    Well I was bored and I was looking around forums and I noticed there is no forum that I could find like this. I recently had my heart broken two weeks ago by my first love and it helps me to talk it out so I thought I'd make a thread where other people who are experiencing or who have experience the same pain can share with each other.

    Well my story begins with me being a bad *** involved with drugs, gangs, and money and have been locked up once. I dated girls but I never let myself fall for them and I was good at that. I first saw her two years ago and it was like love at first sight. I just never asked her out because I was involved in bad **** and she was a nice girl and I didn't wanna get her involved. So this past semister, I happened to fall into one of her classes. We talked and for some reason, I fell in love with her before I even asked her out. I got with her, I gave up the gang life and drug dealing life for her and I was completely good. I didn't fight no more, didn't deal drugs, nothing. I was head over heels in love with her which was completely new to me. So months go by and we have arguments like every couple has but according to her, I got mad easily which I admit I did but I always made up for it. she eventually broke up with me the tuesday before valentines day because we argued a lot (according to her. We did argue but I honestly didn't think it was much), that I got angry easily, and that I wanted to spend too much time with her. Well yea all couples argue. I know I got mad easily but I tried to really control it and I did for the most part. Its jus I been through so much **** in my life that it just slips at times. Hurt people, hurt people sometimes (you know like people who have been hurt in the past tend to hurt other people even tho I NEVER hit her nor will I ever hit a girl) so sometimes it was hard to control it. And I couldn't help that I wanted to spend a lot of time. I was in love for the first time and I just loved spending so much time with her. She had broken up with me the week where valentines day landed on and I got her roses worth $60, a big box of chocolates worth $40, and I bought her a red ipod nano with an engraving on the back saying "this ipod has a limit but my love for you is infinite." I normally never did this kinda stuff but I did for her. Now two weeks later, I'm still really hurt, people say I'm different. I can't sleep, eat, think right anymore. We were in love and she just ends it like that. I dunno how she is doing fine without me but I can't. I know its my first love but I feel like part of me went away, like part of me died. Like when she left, she took my happiness with her. I got some of my boys laughing at me with they way I am now but I can't help it. I was in love for the first time and it felt great n now I'm a different and better person. I now for the first time in life regret something and that is the way I was towards her and if I could, I'd turn back the clock and change everything.....but I can't and she says she done with me. I can't even look at her in the hallways cuz it gets me sad. Everytime I walk by her, she doesn't even look at me and that just kills me little by little. Whenever someone I know asks me about this, I tell them that I never knew love before her. Like she taught me how to love. She jus never taught me how to live without her....

    Well that's my story. I know it was really long lol but that's my painful story of my first true love. Hope I can get this thread started so people can share their stories like mine and we can try to make each other feel better or give each other advice. Let the stories and healing begin
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    Yo this is really some sad **** . I could almost see someone sitting at the computer with a tear rolling down they face. I wish you the best homie. But with that said **** that. You tried. Based on your story it sound like you really did give your best effort. So you cant blame it on yourself as long as you tried your best. Chalk it up as a lesson learned and be thankful that it made you a better person
    02-25-09 12:45 PM
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    Keep your head up man! I know what it feels like to lose your first love, but trust me she won't be your last! If anything don't regret anything and just learn from this experiance! It will get better, promise!

    I'm feeling that my boyfriend and I are coming to the end of our relationship. I know the pain you are going through. It sucks the pain, the tears, the anger and the heartbreak. If you need someone to talk to it about..don't be a stranger just send me a PM!
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    Wow....that was a really sad story. You'll get over it eventually. Its always the hardest loosing your first love, but I can say that we all go through some really bad times. The constant reminders, the memories, and in your case I couldn't imagine walking down a hallway and seeing them...

    But my first love ed my heart to me on a silver platter. We were together for over 2yrs and when you go from seeing each other all the time to almost nothing at all. At the time my grandmother was in the hospital after multiple strokes and problems in general. We went prom shopping together and everything seemed cool. A week later she dumps me and I find out she had been cheating on me for the last year with another guy and was pregnant with his baby. Turns out that same day my grandmother also died.

    I have another story about a relationship I actually just got out of but, I think I'll wait for that one.

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    I have no heart. I've had my ribs broken before though.
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