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    Hi there,

    I am flying to Manila next year from London with a change at Bahrain (LHR-BAH-MNL) on Gulf Air. Has anyone flown with GFA at all? There are mixed reviews on some websites and would like to have a bit more insight.


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    09-20-11 09:46 PM
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    Next year? lol, bit of a ways away
    It's an airline, how bad can they be?
    09-23-11 12:11 PM
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    Their Maintenance crews are doing a few renovations...

    09-23-11 12:21 PM
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    That plane doesn't look so good.

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    09-23-11 11:12 PM
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    How bad can they be? Unfortunately, I'm one of those very few who would like to choose what airline they fly with and I would like an almost impeccable service from one

    On Malaysia Airlines from LHR-KUL-LHR, I was able to choose from three different kinds of meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner from a small menu. Their food surprisingly consisted of squid, crab, scallops, lobster and duck to name a few. On British Airways from LHR-LAX and SFO-LHR, everyone was served only one meal. Not many people were happy when their dinner was shepherd's pie with cheese and desert was cheesecake; I didn't mind but not everyone likes cheese so some went hungry.

    Apart from the food, I look for good seating, legroom and good flight attendants. Gulf Air apparently don't have good flight attendant services, not too good a meal and seats seem worn out. Malaysia Airlines has the best service I have experienced with British Airways coming second, but nowhere near as good as Malaysia. And yes, trucky, you're right in showing that they don't maintain their aircraft very much; some reviews complain about it.

    If I had my way when booking flights, I'd pick Asiana but unfortunately, I live with a family who cares not about aircraft and only views them as a vehicle which gets them places fast. How ignorant.

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