1. patches152's Avatar
    sup n00bs! how's everyone doing? haven't been around much, got a new job and moved up here after xmas. just wanted to check in and tell you all how much i love you and miss you.

    hugs and kisses,
    04-20-10 03:29 PM
  2. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    I rove you too. Now buy my health tonix pl0x
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    04-20-10 03:31 PM
  3. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    Sir Patches of Reno, how do you do sir?

    How's Nevada?
    04-20-10 04:01 PM
  4. username0022's Avatar
    Is the ElDorado casino still around up there? I used to go there every weekend. Right next to the Silver Legacy.
    04-20-10 05:04 PM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    How's the Droid, or Eris, or whatever?
    04-20-10 06:19 PM
  6. patches152's Avatar
    Reno sucks. I'm not a gambler. But lots of fishing spots nearby. And the job is good. The el dorado is still here. My Eris is fine, starting to feel the smaller cpu and less RAM. Already have my incredible lined up. That's always been the plan, if you remember. Eris was only until the snapdragon phones came to VZW.

    What's new with everyone?

    ChuckZ and I were chatting about RIM's 6.0 and we lol'd.
    04-20-10 08:29 PM
  7. pkcable's Avatar
    I'm actually pretty excited about 6.0 HOWEVER, I'd also like to get an Android tablet, actually I already have one to hold me over till I get a real one. I have an Archos 5, but I'd like to get a WePad, or another one of the coming Android tablets. I think THAT is where Android is gonna shine.
    04-20-10 11:02 PM
  8. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    *cheezy Mexican accent*


    We don' need no stinking patches!!!!"
    04-21-10 12:41 PM
  9. patches152's Avatar
    05-01-10 04:17 PM
  10. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Patches!! What up broham. I have missed your caustic wit, infectious humor and
    wealth of knowledge.
    05-01-10 04:43 PM
  11. patches152's Avatar

    just working my **** off. so far i'm on week 7 of working full time without having completed formal training. it's.......um...awesome?

    payday is the 7th, getting my incredible and doing the hand-me-down thing with my eris. but fret not, my work provided me with a blackberry. it's a nice refurbished 8703E or whatever. thumbwheel FTW!
    05-01-10 04:50 PM
  12. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Thumbwheel? Blech!!!
    05-01-10 06:02 PM
  13. pkcable's Avatar
    Trackwheel rulez!
    05-01-10 07:10 PM