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    Let's begin with Tesla's idea of remote power and the idea of free power for everyone. It was an idea not market able in it's time, and with metering now available we are beginning to see wireless power begin to break in the market place, currently using magnetic fields as a carrier.

    Then was the Vector W8, a car designed by an Areospace engineer, the only US made super car ever to make in the market place. People that owned them had spent only about a 1k a year in maintenance costs and it is considered by the designer with impunity by the owners that with expectation would last a life time. The M12 was the product of a hostile take over of Vector by Lamborghini. It was a piece of junk much like the Diablo of the day. Very high maintenance cost and upkeep and reliability always an issue. Lamborghini drove the company to the ground; once all made in the USA now made completely in Twain.

    The engineer and designer of the W2 (prototype) and W8 (production car) sued and got rights back to the company and is now making a new Vector made to order. However after a year of introduction he has not received any orders.

    Foveon is a good example of a great idea that was thought to fail in the market place. Plenty of trolls, like the ones on this forum against some BB stuff, would only incur folks perceptions feeding back the negative into the market place. If it were not for Laurence Matson and his followers to do the guerilla marketing necessary to save the idea and the product, Sigma would be just another camera company. Who would think that a 3CCD concept of video cameras would come to an dSLR body in the form of a 3 layer CMOS design sensor?! The SD9 in 2002, the SD10 in 2005 and the SD14 in 2008 all used the same density sensor. The flagship, the SD1 came out in 2011, was proof that the market had absolved of the negative ideology of the homogeneous everyone doing the same thing in the market place.

    So now I see the same considerations for BlackBerry:

    They had a niche, yet a new generation of bells and whistles bloated the shift towards what everyone else became use to: the iPhones, Androids and will you; the Windows Phones. They all behave the same and offer nothing of a nitch, and unnecessarily nitchwise but nitch-practicle was missing. So that was an unpentrated market place for BB and BB saw their market was shrinking. Rather than start a creative marketing campaign for what made BB great in it's own nitch and intend to bring new customers away from the iPhones and the Androids to their newfound realization of how better benefit they get from that nitch, BB I think has gone towards complicity in competing in the homogeneity of the existing market.

    What should be BB next move if it is to save itself from being with the 'sheep?' And what are some other technologies either failed or succeeded that inspired you to think 'it's not all sheepland, after all?'
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    Classic with better specs and REMOVABLE battery, if you wanna go that far... :-)

      Leakers' gonna leak... :-)  
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