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    So my friends and I were playin soccer on the field and I was carrying my bb in my hand. After a while it became a burden so I hid it in a pile of clothes on the sidelines that I thought were my buddies. Turns out they weren't. Ten minutes later I look for the clothes so I can check myy bb and they ARE NOT THERE!! I freak out and ask my friend where his clothes went. And he says 'those weren't my clothes' turns out they were some guys who was playin foootball far away. So I start calling my number from my friends phone... No answer the first time. Second time someone picks up THANK GOD. I go to the dorm he lives in which is the same one as mine and get my BB back!! So happy it was stolen on accident!! I felt naked without and I only got it last thursday. Wouldve sucked if I already lost it.

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    04-17-09 11:34 PM
  2. union95bb2's Avatar
    Look into SmrtGuard... Lots of cool stuff, and may have helped you find it easier if the guy didn't answer the phone!

    04-17-09 11:38 PM
  3. Blik's Avatar
    close call.. 'glad you got it back
    04-17-09 11:40 PM
  4. buyavowel's Avatar
    Man I'd have freaked out. Glad you have it now, all's well that ends well.
    04-28-09 08:25 AM
  5. crackgirly's Avatar
    You are so lucky! I would die if that happened to me. You're lucky you got it back.

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    04-29-09 01:34 AM
  6. savoltage's Avatar
    i left mine on a counter at our school registration cashier. realized it and when i went back, someone had left there name and number and said they had it.

    was quite scary there for a few moments when i thought i had just lost a grip of money.
    04-29-09 01:37 AM
  7. CatAlex's Avatar
    Wow, that's quite a coincidence! But what great news - he probably feels the same way about his BB as you feel about yours.
    04-29-09 07:46 PM